Our Hospital to Home Team provides short-term social care support to Merton residents with care and support needs who are leaving acute hospitals or short-term rehabilitation centres.

We can support:

  • people who are frail
  • have disabilities
  • mental health issues
  • the people who care for them

Our aim is to help people stay independent, safe and well so they can live the lives they want to.

We provide:

  • information and advice about care and support
  • short term help
  • options for longer term support if you have more complex needs

To organise this support we work closely with front-line health services, including:

Before you go home

If you are in hospital, the multidisciplinary team on the ward will talk to you and those supporting you, such as family and friends, about your needs to decide if you will need social work input when you go home.

In line with the government’s guidance, the team will complete an assessment and will refer you to our Hospital to Home team.

You may receive temporary support, either at home or in interim support accommodation if needed.

When you are at home

Once you are home, or in a supported environment, which may be sheltered and supported housing or a care home, we will aim to complete a full assessment and talk to you about your ongoing needs and support.

You may be charged for some of the support, but this will depend on a financial assessment which will show if you can afford to pay towards your care.

Contact us

If you (or your loved one) is in hospital and you would like to talk to a social worker about the help you and your carer will need after discharge, contact our duty worker at the Hospital to Home Team.

Telephone: 020 8545 3801
E-mail: hospitalsocialworkteam@merton.gov.uk

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