We can issue you with a fixed penalty notice (FPN) if you commit certain offences such as littering or dog fouling. They may be issued on the spot or through the post.

If you don’t pay by the deadline and the offence is tried at a magistrates' court you may be fined much more and receive a criminal conviction. We list prosecutions and fines on our website.


Pay online

Please look at the reference number on your FPN and choose the appropriate option below:

Pay an FPN starting with “EN”

Pay an FPN starting with “FPN” or CFPN”


Other ways to pay

If the FPN number starts with "EN" you can also pay by telephone: call 020 8545 3518.

If the FPN number starts with "FPN" or "CFPN" we do not accept payments by telephone, deferred payments or payment by instalment. Please pay online using the link above.


Challenge an FPN

If you have received an FPN for littering or dog fouling you can challenge it within 14 days of the notice being issued.

Challenge an FPN for littering or dog fouling


Littering and dog fouling enforcement by Kingdom Security

FPNs for littering and dog fouling are issued by enforcement officers from our contractors Kingdom Security, as well as Merton Council staff. All Kingdom Security enforcement officers wear CCTV body cameras, which can be used to record audio and video when an offence is committed and while details are taken down.


Offences for which we can issue FPNs

These are some examples of offences for which we can issue FPNs:

  • Abandoning a vehicle
  • Dog fouling and other dog control order offences
  • Littering
  • Fly-posting
  • Graffiti
  • Illegal street trading
  • Noise nuisance
  • Nuisance parking (selling or repairing cars on the street as a business)
  • Unauthorised distribution of literature on designated land
  • Businesses not disposing of waste properly
  • Failing to provide waste carrier registration documents or waste transfer notes
  • Failing to clear land that is littered
  • Placing waste out too early for collection