Fly-tipping is any rubbish which is dumped illegally onto our streets, alleyways or on any private or public land. It is a crime and spoils our neighbourhoods.

Fly-tipping is a national issue and is not unique to Merton. Over the 5 years 2018-2022, we have seen the level of fly-tipped rubbish almost double to over 16,000 incidents, with an estimated cost of £1m to the public purse - money that could be used for vital services like social care for the most vulnerable members of our community.

What we do

£400 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs)

We issue hundreds of £400 fines each year to people who think it’s OK to dump rubbish. This is the maximum fine we are allowed to issue.

Get stuck in

Come rain or shine, our enforcement officers trawl through fly-tips for information that could lead to a fine or conviction.

Examine CCTV

We have over 150 cameras across the borough, 19 of which are deployable and can be moved to target fly-tipping hotspot areas.

Tune in to our monthly Wall of Shame CCTV appeal series where we expose some of the worst fly-tipping caught on camera and ask residents to help us identify the culprits!

Increased enforcement and engagement

We have increased daily enforcement activity and engagement in areas prone to fly-tipping.

Our enforcement team also works alongside our street champions, to provide education on responsible waste disposal.

Joint work with police

When we work together, we have more chance of tracking the offenders down. We support the police to undertake stop and search activities, checking vehicles have a valid waste carriers’ licence and correct disposal documents.

Designing out

We are working on new and innovative solutions for redesigning street furniture at locations which are traditionally subject to high levels of fly-tipping.

Removing their mess!

Our clean-up crews are out daily removing dumped rubbish from the streets.

How you can help

See something? Report it, so our clean teams can check it for evidence and clear it quickly.

Avoid using rogue collectors

You should only use a licensed waste carrier to dispose of waste.

You can protect yourself against rogue waste collectors by following the SCRAP code:

  • Suspect or be cautious of all waste carriers until they have provided their registration number
  • Check that you are using a licensed waste carrier registered with the Environment Agency
  • Refuse cold callers or unexpected offers to take your waste away
  • Ask what will happen to your waste and seek evidence that it will be disposed of appropriately
  • Paperwork must be obtained - such as a receipt, waste transfer note, or detailed invoice including a description of the waste being removed and the waste carrier’s contact information

Watch our Wall of Shame CCTV appeal series to help identify the fly-tipping culprits.