If your waste collections are ‘time-banded’, this means you’re only allowed to put out your recycling and rubbish bags at certain times of day. This may apply to you if you live in a flat above a shop, or the entrance to your property is on a street with high footfall.

Use our online checker to find out if you have time-banded collections, and when to put your bags out for collection: 

Check your collection days and calendar

If you have time-banded collections, you will have 2 collection days each week. 

You must:

  • only put out your bags between 6pm and 8pm on your collection days
  • put recycling in purple bags
  • put general rubbish in a black bag (or blue bag with a Merton logo)

Please also:

  • place the bags on the pavement, immediately against your premises 
  • put out no more than one bag of general rubbish on each collection day

We will collect your bags from 8pm. 

Find out what you can put in your recycling and rubbish bags 

You can put out as many purple bags of recycling as you like.

You may have to pay a penalty charge notice (PCN) if you put out your waste for collection at the wrong time.

How to get more bags 

We deliver purple bags every 6 months, and you can order more purple bags online

You need to buy your own black sacks from a supermarket or other shop. 

If you have some blue general rubbish bags with a Merton Council logo, you can continue to use these until they run out, but we no longer provide new ones.