On some streets you can only put your recycling and rubbish bags out at specific times on your collection day. This is called time-banding and applies to both businesses and to residents living in flats above shops.

If you put your bags out at any other time they may not be collected and you may be fined.


​StreetWhen to put your bags outWe will collect ​

High Street, Wimbledon

Church Road (part)

Wimbledon Hill Road

Wimbledon Bridge

Mondays 6am-7am and Thursdays 5pm-7pm​Mondays from 7am and Thursdays from 7pm

The Broadway

Queens Road (part)

Kings Road (part)

​Gladstone Road

Sir Cyril Black Way

​Hartfield Road one way system

Merton Road

Kingston Road to Palmerston Way (part)

Mondays 5pm-7pm and Thursdays 6am-7am

​Mondays from 7pm and Thursdays from 7am

​Colliers Wood High Street (numbers 2-222 and 1-125)

Merton High Street (1-21)

Abbey Parade (1-33)

Christchurch Road (2-34) and the one-way system

Merton High Street

to Haydons Road 

​Mondays 6pm-8pm and Thursdays 6am-7am  ​​​Mondays from 8pm and Thursdays from 7am


Businesses on the streets listed above can put their bags out between 6am and 7am, or between 5pm and 7pm, on their collection day (see Commercial Waste).

What you need to do

Place your waste on the pavement, immediately against your premises.

  • Residents must put their waste in purple and blue bags.
  • Businesses must put their waste in orange and pink bags.