If you're recycling everything you can, and using the food waste collection service, you should have enough space in your rubbish bin. You can also take excess rubbish to the Garth Road Household Reuse and Recycling Centre.

If you live in a household of five or more, or have a medical condition that means you generate additional non-recyclable waste, you may be eligible for a larger bin.

We will check the information you provide to help us make an assessment, and may visit you to make sure that you are recycling as much as possible. If after our visit you still cannot fit your non-recyclable waste into the standard bin you may qualify for a larger bin.

Request a larger wheelie bin for rubbish


Approximate dimensions of wheelie bins for rubbish

​DimensionStandard wheelie bin​​Larger wheelie bin
​Volume​180 litres​240 litres