Clinical waste can be harmful and may need to be collected separately from the rest of your waste. We offer a clinical waste collection service for residents and businesses.

What is clinical waste?

Clinical waste includes:

  • used syringes and needles
  • dressings
  • surgical waste

For a detailed description and more guidance please visit Healthcare Waste (GOV.UK website).

How to dispose of clinical waste

The following items can be put out with your normal household rubbish as long as they are not infectious, and are bagged and sealed:

  • sanitary towels
  • nappies
  • incontinence pads

If you have a medical condition that means you generate additional non-recyclable waste, you may be eligible for a larger bin.

Syringes and needles should always be placed in "sharps" containers which you can obtain from your doctor.

Please take unwanted and out-of-date medicines to your local pharmacy. Do not put them in your normal rubbish bin.

Collection service

If you treat yourself at home you may be able to register for our free clinical waste collection service. Your doctor will have to confirm your need for the service before any collections can be made.

We don't collect waste produced by healthcare practitioners treating you in your home; they should take away the resulting waste.

Request a clinical waste collection from your home

Telephone: 020 8274 4902

Businesses can arrange clinical waste collections with our Commercial Waste team.

Report clinical waste on the street

If you find syringes, needles or other drug paraphernalia on the street please report it to us.

Report it