The Climate Strategy and Action Plan (approved by Council on 18 November 2020) forms Merton's response to our declaration of a climate emergency, which set net zero carbon targets of 2050 for the borough and 2030 for the Council. The 30-year plan sets out our vision for Merton and the key actions required to get to net-zero carbon.

This page also contains our annual climate monitoring reports (the Climate Delivery Plan), our digestible Resident Summary Reports on progress and our bi-annual Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report.

Getting to net-zero carbon

Key sources of carbon emissions for the borough towards 2050

SourcesBorough emissions
EconomyEmissions from the wider economy cannot be calculated accurately but they are estimated to far exceed the emissions generated within the borough. However, waste processing emissions are included within this 26ktCO2e – 3% emission
Residential buildings302 ktCO2e - 44% emissions
Commercial buildings179 ktCO2e - 26% emissions
Transport190 ktCO2e - 27% emissions
Land use0.2 ktCO2e  - 0.02% emissions offset

The total of borough emissions is 692 ktCO2e.

Climate Progress

Year 4 of delivery (2024)

Year 3 of delivery (2023)

Year 2 of delivery (2022)

Year 1 of delivery (2021)

Council net zero by 2030

To find out more about what we are doing to reduce our own emissions, please visit the 2030 Council Target page.

What you can do

Tackling climate change is a complex problem that requires a shared solution. Around 98% of Merton’s emissions are outside the Council’s direct control. The action plan identifies where individuals, businesses, organisations, landlords, service providers and communities play a key role, and must make changes towards more sustainable behaviours to become a carbon neutral borough.

To find out more about what the action plan says and how you can help, join Merton’s Climate Action Group, or follow the thematic pages:


Following the adoption of Merton’s Climate Strategy & Action Plan, we ran two webinars in December 2020 to launch the delivery phase of the Action Plan, and update local residents, community groups, businesses and organisations on next steps and how they can get involved in making Merton a net-zero carbon borough.

Watch the webinar on YouTube

Developing our approach

The climate strategy and action plan is the result of a collaborative effort from many individuals and organisations across the borough and beyond:

A wide public consultation

A stakeholder workshop in February 2020

Supporting technical evidence

  • Technical work to understand Merton's baseline carbon emissions and consider a pathway to net-zero carbon.