The Climate Strategy and Action Plan forms Merton's response to our declaration of a climate emergency, which set net zero carbon targets of 2050 for the borough and 2030 for the Council. This 30 year plan sets out our vision for Merton in 2050 and the key actions required to get to net-zero carbon across four thematic areas (the Green Economy, Buildings and Energy, Transport and Greening Merton), as well as how the Council is going to decarbonise its own operations by 2030.

Climate Strategy and Action Plan

The action plan was considered by Cabinet on 13 July 2020 and approved by Council on 18 November 2020.

Getting to net-zero carbon

Key sources of carbon emissions for the borough towards 2050

Sources Borough emissions


Emissions from the wider economy cannot be calculated accurately but they are estimated to far exceed the emissions generated within the borough. However, waste processing emissions are included within this 26ktCO2e – 4% emissions

Residential buildings

292 ktCO2e - 44% emissions

Commercial buildings

199 ktCO2e - 30% emissions


147 ktCO2e - 22% emissions

Land use

0.2% emissions offset

The total of borough emissions is 663 ktCO2e.

The 2030 Council Target

To find out more about what we are doing to reduce our own emissions, please visit the 2030 Council Target page.

Sustainable Infrastructure Story Map

Discover how we’re preparing for a greener future through our Sustainable Infrastructure Story Map, which pinpoints our solar panel installations, cycle hangars, EV charging points, green infrastructure and air quality monitoring equipment situated across the borough.

Climate Progress

Year 3 of delivery (2023)

Year 2 of delivery (2022)

  • Climate Action Group
    Merton’s Climate Action Group made huge progress in 2021. In November 2021, Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding was allocated to a number of relevant community-led projects (e.g. The Wheel: a local circular economy hub for Merton) for delivery in 2022.

    To date, officers have experienced high levels of engagement from a small group of passionate and dedicated residents who have driven the development of a number of community-led projects. However, achieving this workstream will also require action and behaviour change from residents and businesses who aren’t already engaged in the climate agenda. In 2022, the Council therefore intends to build on Y1 activities, and extend engagement to groups which have been less represented to date.
    Find out more about the Climate Action Group and how you can get involved.
  • Merton's Climate Delivery Plan for Year 2
    In January 2022, we approved Merton's Climate Delivery Plan Y2, which sets out what action we are taking to support Merton's Climate Strategy & Action Plan in its second year of implementation (2022).
    You can find the Delivery Plan here

Year 1 of delivery (2021)

  • Climate Action Group
    Given that the vast majority of emissions in Merton (over 98%) are outside the Council's direct control, in January 2021, the Council launched Merton's Climate Action Group in order to foster and support local climate action. This group provides a framework to develop community-led projects that reduce Merton's carbon emissions and build a more climate resilient borough, where joint efforts are more effective than the actions of individuals or the Council alone.
    Find out more about the Climate Action Group and how you can get involved.
  • Climate communications
    To drive behaviour change and carbon reduction in the borough, throughout 2021 we have been running a climate comms campaign. This campaign identified steps that people who live, work and study in the borough can take to reduce their carbon footprint and play their part towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions in Merton. In order to reach beyond our usual channels and engage with as many people as possible, we worked with a network of climate communications partners who helped shape and share our climate messages.
    Find out more and make a pledge to take action.
  • Merton's Climate Delivery Plan for Year 1
    In January 2021, Council approved Merton's Climate Delivery Plan Y1, which sets out what action Merton Council is taking to support Merton's Climate Strategy & Action Plan in its first year of implementation (2021).
    You can find the Delivery Plan here

What you can do

Tackling climate change is a complex problem that requires a shared solution. Around 98% of Merton’s emissions are outside the Council’s direct control. The action plan identifies where individuals, businesses, organisations, landlords, service providers and communities play a key role, and must make changes towards more sustainable behaviours in order to become a carbon neutral borough.

To find out more about what the action plan says and how you can help, check out the What you can do page and the following thematic pages:

Climate Strategy Development - Archive


Following the adoption of Merton’s Climate Strategy & Action Plan, we ran two webinars in December 2020 to launch the delivery phase of the Action Plan, and update local residents, community groups, businesses and organisations on next steps and how they can get involved in making Merton a net-zero carbon borough.

Watch the webinar on YouTube

Developing our approach

The climate strategy and action plan is the result of a collaborative effort from many individuals and organisations across the borough and beyond:

A wide public consultation

A stakeholder workshop in February 2020

Supporting technical evidence

  • Technical work to understand Merton's baseline carbon emissions and consider a pathway to net-zero carbon.