​We apply tree preservation orders (TPOs) to preserve the local environment for the public to enjoy.

Tree preservation orders may be used to protect:

  • trees in private gardens
  • trees on land affected by a planning application
  • trees on open land
  • single trees, groups of trees and woodlands.

Across Merton there are over 600 tree preservation orders.

List of tree preservation orders

Carrying out work on a protected tree

You need to apply for tree work consent if you intend to carry out work on a tree that is covered by a tree preservation order.

Request a tree preservation order

If you are concerned about a particular tree in your area and would like us to consider making a tree preservation order, then please write to planning@merton.gov.uk and provide the:

  • property address
  • species
  • location of the tree within that address
  • reasons why you would like to see the tree preserved.

There is no charge for this service.

Report damage or destruction to a tree

We prosecute people who damage, destroy or remove any tree that is:

  • subject to a tree preservation order
  • in a conservation area
  • in breach of planning application conditions

To report this to us, please report a suspected breach of planning control.