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Apply to work on a protected tree

You need to apply for 'tree work consent' if you intend to carry out any work on a tree that is covered by:

To carry out works to trees covered by any of the above forms of protection, you will need to submit details of those proposals and:

  • provide specific information on the reasons for the proposed tree work
  • identify all of the trees to which your submission relates, preferably by reference to a plan
  • provide exact details of the proposed work.

Application form

Please read the guidance notes before submitting an application.

  • You can submit an application electronically via the Planning Portal website.
    When you reach step 4, you will need to select "Work to trees or hedgerow removal"
  • Alternatively, you can download a Tree Works Application Form and send it to us by post, email or fax

Further information can be found on our planning applications page.

What happens next

Once your proposals for tree works have been submitted, the council has a period of 6 weeks in which to consider those proposals in respect of trees in a conservations area, and 8 weeks in respect of trees subject to tree preservation orders or planning conditions.

  • Tree works in a conservation area: If you do not hear from the council within the six week time frame, your proposed tree works will have deemed consent.
  • Trees covered by TPOs: Once all of the above information has been provided to our satisfaction we will write to acknowledge receipt of your application and enclose a "proposed tree works notice". All applicants are required to display this notice on site for a period of 14 days. The purpose of the notice is to keep the general public informed of proposed tree works and allow the council to respond to any concerns or enquiries that may arise.

Trees affected by planning applications

Planning applications must provide information on existing trees and other landscape features if applicable. A site survey will determine which trees will be retained or removed once planning consent has been granted.

A site survey will normally include an arboricultural assessment of those trees and provide information regarding the health and vigour of each tree, and its suitability within the context of the proposed site development.

Any breaches of the planning conditions may result in enforcement action being taken against the landowner.