We work with children, their families and other agencies to help make sure that all children receive an education.

School attendance - A guide for young people

Attendance guidance for schools

Education is compulsory from 8 March 2021 and the Code of Conduct is current.

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Penalty notice and enforcement data

Academic YearPenalty Notice fines issued for unauthorised absencePenalty Notice fines issued for unauthorised leave of absenceCases prepared for Court under s4441 or s4441A Education Act 1996Total received by Merton from Penalty Notice finesTotal fines imposed by the Courts
2012/2013145 combined, not recorded separately35£3450*£1660** 

* This figure is set by the Government. The following increases were implemented in 2013. £50 paid within 28 days to £60 paid within 21 days. £100 paid within 42 days to £120 paid within 28 days.

Penalty notice fines for unauthorised leave of absence are issued for 5 day absences or more in any rolling four month period.

**Fines imposed by the Courts are payable directly to His Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service not to Merton.

Children not collected from school

This document sets out procedures to be followed should any pupil not be collected from a school, setting or after school childcare provision at the usual times.

This policy has been agreed between Merton Council, Merton Local Safeguarding Children Board and the Metropolitan Police.

Children not collected from school: joint policy agreement

Moving from Primary to Secondary school

Top tips for Parents supporting your child with their transition from Year 6 to Year 7

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