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Apply for a school nursery place

The application process for a school nursery depends on the type of school you are applying for:

Type of schoolHow to apply
Church affiliated ( voluntary aided) primary schoolContact the school directly and get their application pack and form

Primary academy

  • Aragon
  • Beecholme
  • Benedict
  • Harris Primary Academy Merton
  • Stanford Primary School
Contact the school directly and get their application pack and form
Independent schoolContact the school directly and get their application pack and form
Schools outside the London Borough of MertonContact the relevant council
Merton community schoolSee below

You may also want to look at preschools, day nurseries or childminders: Find a childcare provider.

Community schools in Merton 

Abbotsbury Primary School
Bond Primary School
Dundonald Primary School
Garfield Primary School
Gorringe Park Primary School
Haslemere Primary School
Hatfeild Primary School
Hillcross Primary School
Hollymount School
Joseph Hood Primary School
Liberty School
Links Primary School
Lonesome Primary School
Malmesbury Primary School
Merton Abbey Primary School
Merton Park Primary School
Morden Primary School
Pelham Primary School
Poplar Primary School
Singlegate Primary School
St Mark's Primary School
The Sherwood School
West Wimbledon Primary School
William Morris Primary School
Wimbledon Chase Primary School
Wimbledon Park Primary School

Children born between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019

Apply online for a community school nursery class

You can save your application as you prepare it and make as many changes as you wish up until the closing date of 28 February 2021 by which date it must be submitted. We recommend applying online.

If you are unable to complete an online application, you may collect a paper application form from a community primary school. It must be completed and returned to your first preference school by 28 February 2021.

If you apply online, please do not also complete a paper application.

Children born between 1 September 2016 and 31 March 2019

You need to make an in-year application. Please find further details in the section for your child's date of birth on When to apply page

Information required

Parent or carer details

You will need to provide your name and address. The person applying on behalf of the child should be the person with parental responsibility for them.

Your contact details are vital: please ensure you include an up-to-date telephone number and email address.

Child's details

You will need to provide your child's full name, date of birth and gender.

Address details

  • The address on the application must be your child's permanent place of residence.
  • The child's home address excludes any business, relative's or childminder's address and must be the applicant's normal place of residence. If there is a genuine equal-share custody arrangement between the two parents, the address that will be used will normally be the address of the parent who is claiming Child Benefit for the child, however all available evidence will be considered. Please also note that:
  • Applicants in short-term rented accommodation may be asked to provide evidence of their current and former housing arrangements.
  • Where an applicant has ownership of a property, that should be used for the purposes of school admission and the applicant must provide evidence and reasons for the use of any other address.
  • Where an applicant rents a property and has ownership of an alternative property, the rented property will only be used for admission purposes if the child has been resident away from the owned property for a period of 3 years or more at the closing date for applications.

Your nursery class preferences

You may name up to two community school nursery classes on the form.

Limiting the number of schools you name will not improve your chance of securing a place at your first preference school, but please do not name schools unless you are happy for your child to attend.

Please think carefully about your preference order. If you receive an offer at your first preference school it may not be possible to offer a place your second preference school later on if you change your mind.

Please name any sibling(s) already attending your preference school. For community schools in Merton, sibling is defined as brother or sister, half brother or sister, adopted brother or sister, or step brother or sister, and, in every case, who is living as part of the same family unit at the same address. In order to qualify, the sibling must be attending the school at the point your child would be due to start.

You may state a reason for your preference if you wish.

If you are attaching supporting documents to be considered under medical or social criteria, you should tick the box to confirm this. Medical or social reasons will not be considered unless supported by professionally written evidence which should either be attached to the online application or emailed to

You may be asked some additional questions depending on the school preferences you name.

Declaration and form submission

Please read the declaration carefully then submit the application.

If you move home or your circumstances change after completing your application, you must inform us via

Where do I send my completed form?

If applying online, follow the instructions on screen to submit your application. You must submit your application by 28 February 2021. You will receive an email to confirm your application has been submitted.

If you are completing a paper form, this must be returned to your first preference school by 28 February 2021. The school will keep a register of applications received in case it goes missing before being processed.

What if I want to change my form after I've sent it in?

If you have sent in a paper application and wish to change the school nursery classes you have named before the closing date of 28 February 2021, please contact the School Admissions Team at for advice.
If you complete your application online you can make as many changes as you wish up until the closing date of 28 February 2021, by which date you must submit it.