You can send us your documents electronically. You can send these using our secure online upload form.

This saves you the cost of photocopying documents or having to bring your documents to the Civic Centre to get them copied.

Not sure you can upload documents?

We understand that not everyone is tech savvy but uploading documents is not as difficult as you might think. We have put together some advice on some of the ways you can send us documents securely and quickly in electronic format. You can use the online upload form to send multiple documents in electronic formats. Even if they are paper documents, you can convert them to electronic documents and send them using the form.

Electronic documents

Some documents such as on-line banking statements and wage slips are not available in paper format. You can upload these as follows:

Download electronic documents from the internet

  • download the document from the internet (e.g. on-line bank statement or electronic wage slips)
  • save the document to your device;
  • upload the document(s) using the online upload form.

Screen shot of a webpage or document

  • Take screenshot of the screen or document(s) on your device;
  • using the device, go to our online upload form;
  • upload the screen shot image directly on the on line form.

Paper documents

Even if you only have paper documents, you can convert these to electronic documents as follows:

Photo of a paper document on a smartphone or tablet

  • Take photo(s) of the document(s) on a smart phone or tablet
  • using the smartphone or tablet, go to our online upload form
  • upload the photo directly on the on line form.

Scan paper document on a scanner

  • Use a scanner to scan the document
  • Save the document to a PC or laptop;
  • go to our online upload form
  • upload the photo directly on the on line form

We do not recommend you send your documents by email: emails are not secure. However if you choose to send them by email we will not refuse to accept them.