We must see proof of most of the things you have told us about in your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support claim. We also need proof of any changes to your claim you have told us about. We will let you know what proof is needed when you claim. If you claim using our online claim form, the proof needed will be displayed by the form.

Please do not send us the original documents as we will not return them.

On this page

Format of documents

The documents you give us can be:

  • electronic documents such as scanned images, photos of documents
  • paper copies of documents such as photocopies, doctor's letter, social worker's letter. Do not send us original documents

How to give us the proof

Send your documents electronically

Sending documents to us electronically is not as difficult as you might think. Please use the upload documents form.

If you need advice on this see Sending electronic documents

We do not recommend you send your documents by email as this is not secure, however if you choose to send them by email we will not reject them.

Post or bring in your copied documents

If you are not able to upload the documents you can give us photocopies by either:

  • bringing them to Merton Link, Civic Centre, London Road, Morden, SM4 5DX.

You do not need to see a Benefits Officer to give in your documents. A photocopier is provided in Merton Link for you to take copies of the documents. Please ask at Merton Link reception if you need help to use this. Please place copies in the envelopes provided and post into the Housing Benefits post box opposite reception;


  • If you cannot come to the Civic Centre you can post the copies to Merton Benefits Service, PO Box 610, Civic Centre, Morden, SM4 5ZT.

All document received in the envelope provided and posted in the Merton Link Housing Benefit post box will be treated as a copy and will not be returned.

If you rent your home from any of the following Registered Social Landlords or Housing Associations you can go to your local office and give your claim form and proof to them.

  • Wandle Housing
  • SLFHA Ltd / Amicus / Horizon
  • SPH Housing (St Pancras and Humanist Housing)
  • Family Mosaic
  • MOAT housing

They can also help with your claim form.

Acceptable documents

For a full list see our Acceptable Documents page.

What to do if you do not have the proof now

If there is going to be a delay in getting the documents we need, still submit your claim form, as the date we get this affects the date of your claim. Normally, you have one month to supply any information and proof we have asked for, otherwise your claim will be unsuccessful. So, if you need more time, it is very important that you contact us before the one month period has run out.

If you do not provide all the proof we need, we might not be able to pay any Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support. We need the same proof for your partner, if you have one, and any other adults living in your home.

Contact us

Merton Benefits Service
PO Box 610
Merton Civic Centre
London Road

Email: housing.benefits@merton.gov.uk
Telephone: 020 8274 4903