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Victim Support

Telephone 0808 168 9111 freephone 24/7

Supportline 08081689293 freephone

Victims Information Service 020 7801 1777

Merton Domestic Abuse team – Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Merton Centre for Independent Living (MCIL)

Counselling and legal advice for disabled people

Phone: 020 3397 3119

Mobile: 0744 936 2233

MCIL website

Witness Care Units

Witness Care Units provide a single point of contact for victims and witnesses attending court.

Crown Prosecution Service – Witness care units

Anti-social behaviour

See Anti-social behaviour page

Domestic violence and violence against women and girls

Domestic violence

Violence against women and girls


Harassment and stalking

National Stalking Helpline


Citizens Advice

Taking action about harassment


Hate crime

See Hate Crime


Merton Centre for Independent Living

Merton Centre for Independent Living website


Rape and sexual assault