In the first instance, you should report any issues with obstructively parked hire bikes directly to the relevant operator using the details below.


Telephone 020 8157 7491 (monitored between 8am and midnight)


Fill in a reporting form via their webpage or email Where possible reports should include a photo of the bike (including its QR code - located between the handlebars) and the time and location it was seen. Bikes reported to this address should be removed within 1 hour.


Cycle hire schemes are currently unregulated, so it is legal for schemes to operate in the borough without any agreement in place with us. Dockless e-bikes from several hire schemes are being used in the borough and this has created some issues with bikes parked inconsiderately on the pavement, causing an obstruction to pedestrians.

To encourage considerate parking, all operators have a system of rider education, fines and penalties in place. Operators also have teams of wardens that will relocate and remove obstructively parked bikes. We can only take enforcement action to remove individual e-bikes that are parked hazardously.