Once the festivities are over, you can take your real Christmas tree to Garth Road Household Reuse and Recycling Centre, use it in your garden, or we can collect it.

Free kerbside collection service January 2024

Service update 22 January 2024: If your Christmas tree has not been collected, put it next to your rubbish bin on your next collection day. We can't guarantee it will be recycled. If you come across a tree that has been dumped (not next to a rubbish bin awaiting collection), please report it as a fly-tip.

Put your tree out by 6am on Monday 8 January 2024 and it will be collected as soon as possible.

We aim to recycle as many trees as possible.

  • Remove all the decorations and remove the tree from its pot.
  • Place it close to the front boundary of your property, visible to collection crews but not blocking the pavement. If you live in a flat with shared bins, put your tree outside your bin store but don’t block access.
  • Alternatively, you can leave your tree next to your rubbish bin on your collection day. However, it will not be recycled.

How to recycle your tree

Book a visit to the Garth Road Household Reuse and Recycling Centre and place it in the garden waste container.

If you subscribe to our garden waste collection service, you can also cut it up and put it in your garden waste bin.

Chop it up to create a winter shelter for animals in your garden or add it to your compost heap.

Reduce waste: buy a tree with roots

If you have a garden, why not buy a Christmas tree with roots? You can replant it in a tub or in your garden and use it again the following year.

Not only does this cause less waste, but the tree also absorbs carbon dioxide while it grows during the year.