​For information on Article 4 and 4 (2) directions in the John Innes Merton Park and Wilton Crescent conservation areas see Conservation areas

Removal of permitted developments rights – Article 4 directions

You may need to apply for planning permission under Article 4 and 4 (2) directions for some developments and changes to buildings where planning permission wouldn't normally be needed. Find out where these directions apply.

Conversion of offices to homes

Usually, you don't need to apply for planning permission to convert offices to homes but it's required in certain areas of Merton where an Article 4 direction applies. The direction was introduced following consultation and is designed to protect businesses, jobs and services in these areas.

The areas are:

If you have prior approval to change an office into a home in any of these areas before 3 April 2015, the Article 4 direction doesn't apply.

Erecting marquees during Wimbledon tennis championships

During the annual Wimbledon tennis championships you need to obtain planning permission to erect a marquee on public and private land in the north Wimbledon area.

Map of affected areas

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