We want as many people as possible to benefit from and love our parks and green spaces, so here are a few basic points to help us all.

Merton is one of the greenest boroughs in London and we want to keep it that way so we can all enjoy them.

In Merton we have more than 100 beautiful parks and green spaces and we work throughout the year to keep them clean and tidy for everyone.

There are lots of examples of residents and the council already working together to make our parks great places to be. They are a safe place for children and their parents to enjoy, for runners to get their exercise and for people who want to picnic in the summer months.

Many of our parks have won Green Flag awards, making them some of the best in the country. We should all be proud of our parks and look after them together.

How we can maintain our parks by working together

  • We can all love our parks and respect fellow park users
  • We can all squash down any rubbish we may have on us, for example drinks bottles, coffee cups and sandwich packets, to make more room in the park bins
  • We are keen to work with park users to deter a minority of people from littering in parks
  • We are here to ensure that all the litter bins and dog waste bins are emptied in our main parks at least once a week throughout the year
  • In the warmer months when more people use the parks, we will ensure the litter bins in our more popular parks are emptied more frequently
  • If alerted to overflowing litter bins in our major parks, the council will clear it within 24 hours. To report overflowing bins or any vandalism in our parks, please call 020 8543 9750 or email slwpenquiries.merton@idverde.co.uk
  • The council will maintain the flower beds and grass areas, but welcomes offers of support from residents who want to get involved with planting and keeping the parks looking fresh
  • We can all keep an eye open for any vandalism in our parks. If anyone sees an act of vandalism, they should report it to slwpenquiries.merton@idverde.co.uk or call 020 8543 9750
  • We do not permit the use of barbecues or open fires in any of Merton’s parks and open spaces. This protects our parks, woodland and local wildlife from the potential fire hazard and any related damage, as well as users of our parks and facilities.

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