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Residents’ surveys

We regularly survey residents in the borough, face to face by independent researchers, about their attitudes to their local area, council and council services. Over a thousand local people are interviewed in their homes and public places ensuring that the opinions of a broad mix of residents are collected. We have also surveyed young people between the ages of 11 and 17.

2021 survey

The latest survey is taking place during April and May 2021 with the results due to be available in the summer. DJS Research are undertaking 1000 interviews with a random sample of adults across Merton but due to COVID restrictions the interviews will be conducted by telephone.

Results from the 2019 survey

Residents' survey 2019 final report

The survey results show that the vast majority of Merton residents are satisfied with their local area as a place to live and that satisfaction with the way that the council runs things has increased since the last survey was carried out two years ago.

People, particularly families, come and live in Merton because of our schools, parks and green spaces, libraries and sports and leisure facilities and this is reflected in the survey. More residents have also told us they feel safe in the borough and satisfaction with street lighting has increased.

The residents' survey was carried out soon after the largest service change that the council has made in recent times – to the recycling and rubbish collection service. This affected almost all households in the borough. Since the survey was done, recycling rates have continued to increase and action has been taken to improve street cleaning and the collection service. The council is working hard with Croydon, Sutton and Kingston, which together form South London Waste Partnership, to drive up Veolia's performance.

More service users than two years ago rated council services as good with 17% more service users than two years ago said secondary education is good (79%); 81% said primary education is good (up by 6%); 82% said libraries are good (up by 8%); 78% said street slighting is good (up by 8%); and three quarters (75%) said leisure and sport facilities are good (up by 7%).

Respondents cited the amount of affordable housing as the thing which most needs improving in Merton (46%).

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