If you would like the Mayor of Merton to attend your event please submit this form at least 14 days before the event and read the guidance below.

Invite the Mayor

Receiving the Mayor at events

This is a brief guide to the protocol to be followed when the Mayor attends an event.

The Mayor is the “first citizen” of the borough, so at events in the borough he or she takes precedence over all other dignitaries except for the Lord Lieutenant of Greater London or members of the Royal Family. The Deputy Mayor or councillor representing the Mayor should be afforded the same courtesies.


The Mayor will normally arrive no earlier than five before the start of a function.

Please ensure that a responsible person greets the Mayor on arrival and that the Mayor is then accompanied – not necessarily by the same person – for the whole event.


At events held within the borough, the Mayor should be seated to the immediate right of the president, chairman or host. The Mayoress (or the Mayor’s Escort) should be seated on the immediate right of the Mayor or on the left of the president, chairman or host. When the Mayoress or Consort attends a function on behalf of the Mayor, he or she should be accorded the same precedence due to the Mayor.

Toasts and speeches

If you wish the Mayor to propose or respond to a toast or make a speech, please submit the relevant details when you submit the booking form. In the event of a very formal occasion, please seek guidance from the Mayor’s Office. In making official announcements, the Mayor, as the first citizen of the borough, should be introduced first unless a member of the Royal Family is present.


If preparing a press release, please submit a copy for the Mayor’s approval at least one week before the date of issue. You are responsible for any other publicity or press contacts.

Photographs of civic representatives, including the Mayor, are not to be used for any promotional purposes.

The local press are notified of the Mayor’s engagements by the Friday of the preceding week.

Church services

The Mayoral party should be met at the entrance to the church and conducted, usually, to the front right hand pew. At funeral services, it is normal for family mourners to occupy the front right hand pew and for the Mayoral party to take the left. The congregation should rise on the Mayor’s entry and at the Mayor’s departure.

Visits by members of the Royal Family

If a member of Royal Family or the Lord Lieutenant of Greater London (or his nominated representative) is attending an event to which the Mayor is invited, early consultation with the Mayor’s Office should take place.

Schools and meetings

Where appropriate, the assembly should rise upon the Mayor’s entrance and again on the Mayor’s departure.

Mayor’s Attendant

Within the borough, the Mayor’s Attendant will drive the Mayor to and from the event. Where appropriate, it would be appreciated if you could provide waiting accommodation and refreshments for the Mayor’s Attendant.


Please reserve a parking space for the Mayoral car as near to the reception entrance as possible.

How to address the Mayor

Formally, the announcement of the Mayor should be “The Worshipful the Mayor of Merton”. When in conversation, he or she should be addressed as either “Mr Mayor” or “Madam Mayor”.

The Mayoress is referred to as Madam Mayoress or The Mayoress. The consort is referred to as The Consort or in conversation Sir/Madam.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Mayor’s Office, 020 8545 3517, mayor@merton.gov.uk