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North East Surrey Crematorium website

North East Surrey Crematorium is the only crematorium in the borough, but it is not operated by us. It is in Morden Cemetery, also known as Battersea New Cemetery.

North East Surrey Crematorium
Lower Morden Lane

Telephone: 020 8337 4835


Cremation remains

Once a cremation has taken place you may want to scatter the remains or inter them in a permanent resting place. The crematorium should be able to give you further information about its services.

Alternatively, you may want to have the remains interred in a cemetery near to where you live.


Contact us

The cemetery service is managed and maintained by idverde, working with us. In addition to routine maintenance work such as grass cutting and burial preparation, this also extends to the enforcement of cemetery regulations.  

Cemeteries Office
Cheam Depot
Cheam Park
Tudor Close

Tel: 020 3876 8806
Email: slwpcemeteries@idverde.co.uk