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Raffle licences: see

Rail travel passes: see

Rat control: see

Rates: see

Raynes Park High School

Raynes Park High School 6th form

Raynes Park Library

Recreation grounds: see

Recycling centres

Rediscover Mitcham

Reference libraries: see

Referendums: see

Refreshment licences: see

Refuse: see


Register of commercial property: see

Register of electors: see

Register offices

Registered social landlords: see

Register to vote: see

Registration of births, deaths and marriages: see

Renew library loans

Renovation (housing): see

Rent: see

Rented accommodation (private): see

Repairs (housing): see

Residential homes: see

Residents' survey

Respite care: see

Retired people: see

Ricards and Rutlish Combined 6th Form (RR6)

Ricards Lodge High School

Right to Buy scheme

Rights of way: see

Risk management: see

River pollution: see

Road adoption

Road and pathway maintenance: see

Road cleaning: see

Road gritting

Road naming: see

Road repairs: see

Road safety

Road verge maintenance: see

Road works

Rodent control: see

Rogue traders: see

Rough sleepers: see

Roundabout advertising: see

Rubbish and recycling collection days

Rubbish and waste

Rutlish School