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Disabled parking bays


Please note that although your application will be assessed, due to the COVID-19 situation we will not be able to progress your application to the legally required statutory consultation and subsequent implementation until such time that the current restrictions are lifted. As you are aware, there is no definitive date at this time and therefore, it is not possible to provide a time frame.

Disabled parking bays

​​​​If you are a Blue Badge holder with no usable off-street parking space, and you have difficulty in parking on the street near your home, we may be able to provide a disabled parking bay near your home. Owning a Blue Badge does not mean that we will provide a bay automatically.

Report a problem with a disabled parking bay​

Who can park in a disabled bay

You can only park in a disabled parking bay if you correctly display a valid Blue Badge.

Any Blue Badge holder may use a disabled parking bay, not just the person who applied for the bay.

Disabled parking bays cannot be used by carers or other visitors unless they are Blue Badge holders or have the Blue Badge holder in the vehicle with them.

For more information see Blue Badge Misuse and Enforcement.

Who can apply

You can apply for a disabled parking bay if you have all 4 of the following:

  1. a Blue Badge
  2. difficulty parking near your home
  3. no suitable off-street parking, such as a drive or garage
  4. access to a vehicle registered to your address, driven by you or someone who lives with you.

We may make an exception to requirement 4 if you are over 80 years old dependent on routine pick-up or drop-off by a carer and you are severely disabled.

A disabled parking bay will not be provided for services such as the Patient Transport Service, Dial-a-Ride or Merton Association for the Disabled.

When we may not be able to offer a bay

We may not grant your application, even though you meet the criteria above, if:

  • you do not provide all the information requested on the application form
  • a bay would result in the remaining width of carriageway available being less than 3.05 metres
  • it would result in an unreasonable loss of parking space to other residents because of the presence of other disabled parking bays nearby
  • it could cause an obstruction
  • the conditions of the site are inappropriate.

What happens after your application

If the driver lives with you, we may ask for proof in form of vehicle registration details.

If your application is approved, we will carry out a statutory consultation. All objections would need to be addressed prior to progressing the installation of the disabled parking bay.

Following our decision, it may take three months or more before a bay can be installed.