​​​​If you are a Blue Badge holder with no usable off-street parking space, and you have difficulty in parking on the street near your home, we may be able to provide a disabled parking bay near your home.

A disabled parking bay outside your home isn't for your exclusive use: any driver legally displaying a Blue Badge may use it.

Report a problem with a disabled parking bay​



Owning a Blue Badge does not mean that a bay will be provided automatically.

For your application to be successful you must meet the following criteria:

  • You should hold a current and valid Blue Badge.
  • The driver of the vehicle should either be the Blue Badge holder, or live at the applicant's address. An exception may be considered where the applicant is severely disabled, in their 80s, and depends on daily visits from carers.
  • A bay will not be permitted where the applicant has access to parking space at their home via a dropped kerb, unless they can show that is not accessible because of their disability.
  • A bay may not be permitted if, because of the presence of other bays nearby, it results in an unreasonable loss of parking space to other residents, or could cause an obstruction.  
  • Disabled parking bays will not be approved in streets where the provision of a bay would result in the remaining width of carriageway available being less than 3.05 metres.
  • Council policy relating to out-of-town centre disabled parking provision, namely that bays would normally only be approved if the application meets the adopted criteria (which do not include provision of a bay for casual users such as the Patient Transport Service, Dial a Ride or Merton Association for the Disabled to stop outside a particular property).


What happens after your application

Following our decision, it may take two or three months before a bay can be installed.