Use the map to find out if you're eligible to buy a parking permit.

The map shows whether your home is inside a controlled parking zone, and whether it is a "permit-free development".

Please read the instructions below before you use the map


How to use the map

  1. Enter your address in the Search Merton Addresses box.
  2. Click or tap the Search icon. 
  3. Click or tap your address in the search results.
  4. Click or tap the black dot above the black Search Result box.
  5. Click or tap the right arrow icon. 
  6. Click or tap the right arrow icon at the top of the screen.
    If no right arrow icon is displayed here, this means you are not in a CPZ, and are not eligible to buy a parking permit.
  7. Permit eligibility will be displayed.


Get a permit

Apply for a new parking permit

If you move house from one controlled parking zone in Merton to another, find out how to change your permit.

Parking permit terms and conditions