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Raynes Park – CPZ RPA

Update - Implementation - 13 November 2012

After careful consideration a decision has been made to proceed with the implementation of the proposed CPZ RPE and CPZ RP extension as shown in the linked plans below plan.

Additionally, it has been agreed to proceed with the implementation of the proposed waiting restrictions at key locations as shown in the linked plan below.


It is anticipated that the works will start the week commencing 26 November 2012 for a period of two weeks. The lining and signing work should take five to 10 working days to complete, weather permitting.

CPZ RP Extension

It is anticipated that the works will start the week commencing 10 December 2012 for a period of two weeks. The lining and signing work should take five to 10working days to complete, weather permitting.

Raynes Park Area waiting restrictions

It is anticipated that these parking controls will come into force on 21 January 2012.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your participation in the consultation process and for your feedback.

Update - 31 October 2012

Following the formal consultation carried out in May 2012 on the proposed CPZ RPE & CPZ RP extension and the additional formal consultation carried out in July/August 2012 to include Montana Road, representations received along with officers' comments were presented in three separate reports to the Cabinet Member for Environmental Sustainability and regeneration on 28 September 2012.

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RPE Area - Arterberry Road Area RP Extension - Richmond Road Area and Raynes Park Area Waiting Restrictions RPE Extension - Montana Road

Update – RPE ext (Montana Rd & Conway Rd) Statutory Consultation - 20 July 2012

The Council have received a petition from Montana Road residents containing representation from all 23 households. Of the 23 households, 22 were in favour of parking controls and 1 against. Therefore, with a clear majority in favour of parking controls the Council is now undertaking a further Statutory Consultation to include Montana Road into the proposed ‘RPE’ CPZ.

Additionally, the Council has received representation from Conway Road. The request highlighted that during the informal consultation 41.7% of those who responded from Conway Roads indicated that they would support a CPZ if the neighbouring road/s or part of their road were included in a CPZ”, compared to 25% who would not, with 33.3% undecided. Therefore, because Conway Road is neighbouring Montana Road the Council considers it reasonable to include Conway Road in this Statutory consultation to give its residents a further opportunity to raise their views (opt in or out of the proposed CPZ).

As Montana Road and Conway Road are proposed to be added to ‘RPE’ CPZ (as an extension) it would be necessary for the same days and hours of operation, which is Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 6.30pm, of ‘RPE’ CPZ to be applied.

For further detail of the proposed CPZ extension please see the linked newsletter below.

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Update – Statutory Consultation - 4 May 2012

The informal consultation carried out in September / October 2011, on the proposal to introduce a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in the Raynes Park Area resulted in a total of 1340 questionnaires returned, representing a response rate of 44.4%. The consultation results table (43kB) shows that 62.3% do not support a CPZ, compared to 28.7% who do and 7.6% who are unsure. Further analysis of the results on a road-by-road basis revealed that there are two separate areas that are in favour of parking controls and were recommended for inclusion.

RP extension

Area 1 - to be known as RP extension to include Camberley Avenue, part of Coombe Lane (41-109 & 92-158), Richmond Road, Somerset Avenue, Spencer Road, Taunton Avenue and part of West Barnes Lane (from Coombe Lane to the railway bridge) into the existing RP CPZ.

‘RPE’ (Raynes Park East)

Area 2 - to form a new zone to be known as ‘RPE’ to include Arterberry Road, Dunmore Road, Langham Road, Stanton Road, The Drive, part of Worple Road (between Pepys Road and Arterberry Road) and Wyke Road.

For further detail and a complete breakdown on a road by road basis please refer to the linked newsletter, drawings and consultation results below.

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Update - 9 February 2012

Following the formal consultation carried out in October 2011, representations received along with officers' comments were submitted to Street Management Advisory Committee in its meeting on 23 January 2012.

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Update - Informal Consultation Extension - 7 October 2011

During the consultation it has become apparent that very few residents within the consultation area did not receive the complete consultation package, notably the Questionnaire reply card and the Frequently Asked Questions. Everyone within the consultation boundary however received the main body of the consultation document, which details the proposals, gives officers’ contact details and gives residents a link to the Council’s website to view all the documentation and fill the questionnaire online.

A number of residents have contacted the Council concerned that those who did not receive the questionnaire would be unable to respond. It has proven impossible to ascertain the exact number of properties affected and so far we have received very few requests for questionnaires from those who did not originally receive them.

The Council understands the impact that parking controls can have on the local community and we are keen to give every one consulted the opportunity to respond. With this in mind, the consultation period will be extended by a further three weeks and will now close on 28 October 2011. A new Questionnaire Reply Card and Frequently Asked Question sent to all residents in the consultation area.

The Informal Consultation period for these proposals closed on 28 October 2011.

Informal Consultation - 16 September 2011

The Council is undertaking an informal consultation on proposals to introduce a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) for the uncontrolled roads in the Raynes Park Area, as shows on the linked plans below. This proposal is in response to representations and a petition received from some local residents who are experiencing parking difficulties in their road(s). Generally, residents feel that the problem is being caused by:

  • Commuters who park and complete their journey by public transport.
  • Staff of nearby businesses.
  • Waitrose Development staff, residents and visitors along with displacement from the reduce capacity of the car park from the former Thames Water site. (The Council has received a request from Waitrose Supermarket to change the tariffs for Coombe Lane Car Park which serves the new Waitrose development and the town centre to include Sunday. This means that those who currently use the car park on Sunday (for example, worshippers and commuters) would be displaced into the surrounding roads. Therefore, the Council would like residents to consider part or all day Sunday parking controls as part of the proposals.)

Let us know your views

The decision on whether or not to proceed with the next step, which would involve a statutory consultation on the proposals, will be subject to the responses received during this consultation.

We regret that due to the number of responses received during a public consultation of this size it will not be possible to individually reply to each respondent. We welcome your comments on this proposal, which will be noted and included within the proposed measures where appropriate. It should be noted that subject to the responses received, a recommendation may be made to only include those roads where there is a majority in support of the proposals.


You may wish to attend one of our public exhibitions to be held at Raynes Park Library, Approach Road, Raynes Park, London, SW20 8BA on Saturday, 24 September 2011 from 1pm to 5pm. Council Officers will be available to discuss the proposals.

What happens next

It is envisaged that the results of the consultation along with officers’ recommendations will be presented in a report to the Street Management Advisory Committee and/or the Cabinet Member for Environmental Sustainability and regeneration. Once a decision is made you will be informed accordingly.

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You can view the plans in Merton Link at Merton Civic Centre, Morden during our working hours, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

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