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Clifton Road – CPZ VOs extension

Update - Statutory Consultation, 13 May 2011

The informal consultation carried out in February/March 2011, on the proposal to introduce a controlled parking zone (CPZ) in Clifton Road, resulted in a total of 34 questionnaires returned, representing a response rate of 33.3%.

64.7% of respondents indicated that they currently have parking problems in their roads compared to 32.4% who feel that they do not.

A majority of 70.6% support the concept of a CPZ, compared to 29.4% who do not.

The results of the consultation along with your views and officers’ recommendations were presented in a report to the Cabinet Member on the 23 March 2011. After careful consideration, a decision was made to proceed with a statutory consultation to include Clifton Road within existing VOs CPZ operational Mondays to Saturdays between 8.30am and 6.30pm.
For further details see the Statutory Consultation leaflet below.

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  • Statutory Consultation leaflet - Proposed CPZ VOs Extension, Clifton Road

Update - Statutory Consultation, 11 February 2011

The Council is seeking the views of Clifton Road residents on proposals to extend the existing VOs Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) to include Clifton Road. This proposal is in response to a petition received from local residents who are experiencing parking difficulties in their road. Generally, residents feel that the problem is being caused by:

  • Commuters who park and complete their journey by public transport or working in nearby businesses.
  • Surrounding CPZ’s displacing parking into the uncontrolled area.
  • Residents and staff of nearby businesses within the neighbouring CPZs avoiding parking charges.

It has, therefore, been decided that the Council would carry out an informal consultation to seek the views of Clifton Road residents on proposals to control parking in Clifton Road.

What is a controlled parking zone (CPZ)?

A Controlled Parking Zone is an area where parking controls are introduced to protect the parking needs of residents and their visitors, as well as those of local businesses. Parking bays are marked on the carriageway to indicate to motorists where they can park. Yellow line restrictions are also introduced to improve safety and traffic flow by removing dangerous or obstructive parking. In a CPZ the operational times for the single yellow lines are indicated on signs as you enter the zone. In some cases there may be single yellow lines that may operate at different times and these will be signed separately. Double yellow line restrictions do not require signs. In the absence of loading restrictions you may stop on a yellow line to load or unload goods for a limited period of time.

All parking places within a CPZ are individually signed to ensure that motorists are aware of the operational times and conditions. This ensures that the bays are fully enforceable. To minimise street furniture, every effort is made to ensure signs are placed on existing street furniture, such as lamp columns or signs are combined with other street signs. In a CPZ, residents, local businesses and their visitors are given priority to use the appropriate parking places by displaying a valid permit in respect of that zone. However, a parking permit does not give the holder the right to park outside a particular premise, and does not guarantee an available parking space.
Please see the frequently asked questions (FAQs) (90kB).

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