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Chester Road – proposed CPZ VSW

Update - 23 December 2015

In early December 2015 the result of the statutory consultation to the VSW CPZ in the Chester Road area was reported to the Cabinet Member for Environment Sustainability and Regeneration.

Approval has been given to proceed with implementation of the VSW CPZ scheme with the anticipated operational date from 8 February 2016.

For further information see the links below to the Implementation Newsletter and for detailed information to the result of the statutory consultation please see the link to the Cabinet Member report.

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Update - 30 October 2015

The statutory consultation which was carried out between June and July this year resulted in 36 representations (26 in favour and 10 against). In addition to the individual representations, the Council also received a petition (signed by 34 residents) asking for the CPZ hours of operation to be changed from Monday-Friday, 8.30am-6.30pm to Monday-Friday, 11am-3pm.

This has necessitated the need to clarify majority support for the hours of operation. It would therefore be appreciated if you could choose your preferred hours by responding via the e-questionnaire.

Please let us have your view by 13 November 2015.

It is also important to note that the statutory consultation was carried out based on Monday-Friday, 8.30am-6.30pm and any change would mean a further statutory consultation.

In the event that the majority response is supportive of Monday-Friday, 8.30am-6.30pm, the Council would be able to implement the CPZ before Christmas subject to Cabinet Member approval.

In the event that there is a change in hours of operation, a statutory consultation will not take place until January 2016 and implementation would be subject to the outcome of the consultation and Cabinet Member approval.

Your feedback is therefore very important in progressing the proposed controls.

Update - 26 June 2015

The informal consultation carried out in June/July, on the proposal to introduce a controlled parking zone (CPZ) in the Chester Road area resulted in a total of 72 questionnaires returned, representing a response rate of 64.5%. A detailed road by road analysis of the results show that 76.4% support a CPZ in their road, compared to 18% who do not and 5.6% who are unsure or did not comment. Residents were also asked which hours of operation they would prefer should the CPZ be introduced in their road. Results show 44.4% of respondents preferred 8.30am–6.30pm, 41.7% preferred 11am–3pm and 2.7% preferred 10am–4pm. Detail analysis of the results and officers recommendations can be in the report can be viewed below.

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Informal consultation – 20 February 2015

The council is seeking the views of local residents on proposals to introduce a controlled parking zone (CPZ) in Chester Road, Sycamore Road and Beech Close. This proposal is in response to representations and a petition received from local residents who are experiencing parking difficulties in their road. Generally, residents feel the problem is being caused by:

  • Commuters who park and complete their journey by public transport.
  • Residents within the neighbouring CPZs avoiding parking charges.
  • Staff of nearby businesses and six form students

It has, therefore, been decided that the council would carry out an informal consultation to seek views on proposals to control parking in above mentioned roads (see linked drawings for the proposals below).


The proposals include a number of provisions which are detailed below.

Operational hours
The choice of operational hours are:

All-day controls (8.30am-6.30pm): This will provide maximum protection to the residents by removing short and long-term parking. It will, however, be less flexible for residents and their visitors who will need to obtain a visitor’s permit from the resident they are visiting in order to park in the permit holder bays.

Part-time controls (10am-4pm): These operating times offer less restrictions on residents and their visitors than ‘all day’ controls. It is still effective in preventing long-term parkers. However, it may encourage short-term parking by non residents or businesses, such as shoppers outside the operating times. Residents returning from work later in the afternoon may find less available parking in their street due to this.

Four-hour controls (11am-3pm): These operating times offer fewer restrictions for residents and their visitors than the “all day” controls. It is still effective in preventing commuters and other long stay parking. However, it may encourage short-term parking outside the operating times by non-residents or businesses. Residents returning from work later in the afternoon may find less available parking in their road due to this. Motorists unable to park in nearby roads without controls may also take advantage of the available parking outside the controlled times. The standard annual parking permit charges apply regardless of the hours the zone operates.

Operational days
The proposed operational days include: 

Monday to Friday: This will offer more flexibility to residents and visitors at weekends. However it may encourage non residents, especially shoppers, to park on Saturdays, therefore reducing available parking for your visitors.

Monday to Saturday: Provides maximum protection to the residents. However, it will be more restrictive on visitors who would require a visitor’s permit to park during the controlled times.

The standard prices for annual parking permits apply to all operational times, whether all day or part time (for permit pricing structure see Frequently Asked Questions below).

Parking provisions
The following are incorporated within the proposed measures:

  • Double yellow lines at junctions, bends, ends of cul-de-sac and at strategic sections of the road to create passing gaps. (This will improve safety and access at all times by reducing obstructive parking that is currently taking place.)
  • Shared use pay and display bays are also proposed where it is necessary to allow non residents to pay for parking for a short period at specific locations such as near shops, schools, churches and also in areas for longer term parking where residents are not directly affected, to allow effective use of the bays. (This will increase the use of parking provisions in the area by pay and display customers whilst still maintaining parking facilities for permit holders.)

Let us know your views

The decision on whether or not to proceed with the next step, which would involve a statutory consultation on the proposals, will be subject to the responses received during this consultation. The informal consultation period for these proposals closed 13 March 2015.

We regret that due to the number of responses received during a public consultation of this size it will not be possible to individually reply to each respondent. We welcome your comments on this proposal, which will be noted and included within the proposed measures where appropriate. You are also invited to speak to officers at the public meeting on 28 February 2015 as detailed overleaf. It should be noted that subject to the responses received, a recommendation may be made to only include those roads where there is a majority in support of the proposals.

Chester Road online consultation


You may wish to attend our public exhibition to discuss the proposals with council officers to be held at Cannizaro House Hotel, Westside Common, London, SW19.

What happens next

The results of the consultation along with officers’ recommendations will be presented in a report to the Cabinet Member for Environmental Sustainability and regeneration. Once a decision is made local residents will be informed accordingly.

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