Each child and young person on Merton's disability database for children and young people with a disability or special need can be provided with an M-Card. This card will identify that your child has a disability or special need, thereby reducing any potential embarrassment when trying to obtain discounts or getting help such as 'fast tracking' when there are long queues.

Where you can use it

We are currently negotiating with local organisations to ensure that they recognise the M-Card. The types of organisations can include:

  • theme and adventure parks
  • leisure centres
  • football clubs
  • shopping centres
  • farms
  • castles and palaces
  • cinema
  • theatre
  • gardens
  • parks

A full list of places that accept the card, including any concessions offered, will be sent to you with your M-Card.

How to get a card

Your child must be on Merton's disability database in order to get an M-card. Please contact the Disability Database Coordinator for more details on how to register onto the disability database.

We will also need a passport-sized photograph, which can be sent to us in one of two ways:

  1. Email a passport size photograph in .jpeg format to fiag@merton.gov.uk. Within the email you must state your child's full name and postcode and state 'I agree to my child receiving an M-card'.
  2. Send in a passport-sized photograph to the Disability Database Coordinator, 10th Floor Civic Centre, London Road, Morden SM4 5DX. Attach a letter stating that you give permission to have an M-Card produced. We will return the original photograph to you along with the M-Card.


The M-Card will need to be renewed, normally every two years. The card expires the day before a young person's 19th birthday.

See also

Contact us

Disability Database Coordinator
10th Floor Civic Centre
London Road
Email: fiag@merton.gov.uk