The purpose of this SPD (Supplementary Planning Document) is to help developers, decision makers, agents, residents and other interested parties to identify issues to be addressed in any development proposal application in which air quality will be important. It applies to development that may have an impact on air quality such as all major development, any development (including conversions) that introduces new exposure into areas of poor air quality; and smaller development that may emit odours, dust, smoke, and other fumes, for example, commercial kitchens and construction of basement developments.

The SPD provides more detail to relevant policies in our Local Plan and does not introduce new policies.

Notice of Adoption of Air Quality SPD

The Air Quality SPD was adopted by the Council on 22 June 2021

Adoption statement for Air Quality SPD

Air Quality SPD (adopted)

Agenda and Minutes of the Cabinet Meeting

Consultation draft

Draft Air Quality SPD 2020

(Strategic Environment Assessment) Statement


The consultation ended on 1 February 2021

Air Quality SPD consultation responses

Air Quality SPD consultation report

What happens next

Once adopted, the SPD will become a material consideration when assessing any such future planning application that comes forward.