An apprenticeship at Merton gives you a great introduction to working life, a chance to try something different, and can lead directly into a fulfilling career. 

Apprenticeships are open to anyone aged 16+, whether you are leaving school, looking for a change in career or returning to work after a break. Apprentices earn while they learn, avoiding student debt and tuition fees. 

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Video: apprenticeships at Merton

Hi, I’m Cate Gachet, Apprenticeship Lead.

Here at Merton Council, we’re committed to professional growth and development among our employees.

Our dedication to upskilling our workforce is evident through our apprenticeship program.

We believe in empowering people to expand their skills, further their careers, and contribute to Merton Council in meaningful ways.

We use apprenticeships to offer a tailored learning experience which is a blend of theory and hands-on practical training designed to meet the needs and goals of our employees.

We provide diverse opportunities across departments at all stages of your career so employees can get valuable experience in fields such as administration, IT, social care, and many more. This way, you can explore areas of interest and develop skills relevant to your career goals.

We offer professional guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals within the council so apprentices get support and direction throughout their learning journey.

We provide access to qualifications and certifications while gaining practical work experience.

We aim to offer career progression into permanent roles within the council.

So, why should you choose Merton Council’s apprenticeship programme?

There’s a supportive and inclusive working environment, encouraging continuous learning and growth.

You can make a real impact to the community by working on projects that really do make a difference in residents' lives.

And you get a commitment to your development because we are dedicated to investing in the skills and knowledge of our employees.

Merton Council is a great place to start and advance your career.

Join us by applying to an apprenticeship program to develop your skills and contribute to a thriving and supportive environment.

Thank you.

Why join Merton Council as an apprentice?

Taking up an apprenticeship at Merton will give you opportunities to develop your career. You will access high-quality training from an approved as well as Merton’s own comprehensive learning and development offer.

Apprenticeships combine practical training with study within your job role, with a 20% commitment to off the job training or academic learning. These programmes are ideal for individuals that want a more practical, work-related approach to learning.

Upon completion of an apprenticeship most apprentices move into permanent positions within Merton Council, and many are offered opportunities to progress their career and undertake further qualifications.

Youth work apprenticeships combine practical and academic learning


A range of opportunities

There are a range of different apprenticeships you can apply for at varying levels, depending on your current skills, qualifications and the nature of the role.

  • Intermediate - equivalent to five GCSE passes.
  • Advanced - equivalent to 2 A Level passes.
  • Higher - equivalent to a foundation degree.
  • Degree - equivalent to a bachelors or masters degree

We have apprenticeships in all directorates, with the most popular courses including: 

  • Accountant or Taxation Professional 
  • Business Administration
  • Infrastructure Technician
  • Information Communications Technician
  • HR Support 
  • Lead Adult Care Worker
  • Paralegal
  • Social Worker
  • Solicitor 
Merton has apprentices working in innovative areas such as play therapy

How much do apprentices earn?

This will depend on which grade role you apply for and which apprenticeship you are undertaking. Merton Council is proud to be a London Living Wage employer which means the salary paid to entry level employees is £21,750. 

In addition to your salary and paid annual leave you will also be entitled to become a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme as well as other employee benefits.

Who can apply for an apprenticeship? 

You must be at least 16 years old to begin an apprenticeship and there is no upper age limit. You can even apply if you already have a university degree. Some apprenticeships offer flexible hours or can be part time.

Due to ESFA apprenticeship funding, apprentices must meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the Apprenticeship Funding Rules

What our apprentices say

“Merton is a welcoming and supportive place to work, and I would highly recommend the apprenticeship scheme to anyone who is interested in starting off their career.”
Ella, Business Administration apprentice


“I've had a great experience on the program so far I have a very supportive tutor from the apprenticeship company and two phenomenal managers who are always willing to go the extra mile to help me achieve.” 
Chloe, Business Support apprentice