Merton school waiting lists close each term. If your child is on a waiting list you must complete the online renewal form each term if you want your child's name to stay on the list.

Waiting list renewal form is currently closed and will be available on 1 March 2020 for lists closing on 31 March 2020. If you have been removed from the waiting list because you did not renew interest - please contact School Admissions to make a new application. Please see the rest of this section for further information about how waiting lists operate.

Please note that the arrangements detailed on this page relate to Merton community schools only. If your child's name is on a waiting list for a faith school, an academy, a free school, or a school in another borough, the waiting list arrangements will be different. You will need to contact these schools directly in order to confirm what you need to do to keep your child's name on the waiting list.

When do Merton community school waiting lists close?

The waiting lists for Merton's community schools close on a termly basis. The timetable is detailed below:

  • Spring term – waiting lists close on 31 March
  • Summer term – waiting lists close on 31 July
  • Autumn term – waiting lists close on 31 December

How do I keep my child's name on a community school waiting list?

In order for your child's name to remain on a waiting list, you will need to complete the online waiting list request form. This form will be available on this page from 1 December until 31 December, 1 March until 31 March and 1 July until 31 July.

What happens after I submit an online request form?

You will receive an email confirming that your request has been received and will be processed. The email will confirm that School Admissions will contact you if there are any queries regarding your request. he email will also confirm when you will need to submit a new request if a place cannot be offered.

What happens if I do not submit a request for my child's name to remain on the waiting list?

After the waiting list closes, the names of any child where the parent has not written in will be removed. If at a later date you decide that you would still like your child to be considered for the school for which their name was on the waiting list, it will be necessary for you to complete a new transfer form. Further details on Merton's transfer arrangements can be found on our website.

Can I use the online request form to add my child's name to a waiting list?

No. The online request form can only be used by parents or carers whose child is already on a waiting list and where they wish to extend this arrangement. Any requests to be placed on additional waiting lists will be disregarded.

If you are considering a change of school for your child, you will need to request a transfer. The arrangements for requesting a transfer are details on our website.

Can I find out where I am on a waiting list?

Yes. In year waiting list information is available by emailing School Admissions or calling 020 8274 4906. Frequents requests for updates can delay our response, you will be notified when we are able to offer a place. New waiting lists are drawn up after the old list has closed so it can take a few days to process new renewal requests and create new lists. We cannot advise you of your list position immediately after the old one has closed.

What happens if a place becomes available that can be offered to my child?

If a vacancy arises at a school, the place will be offered to the child whose name is first on the waiting list at that time. If this is your child, School Admissions will contact you with further details. You may be asked to arrange for your child's current school to complete a transfer form as part of this process.

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