An Admissions Priority Area (APA) is a defined area with boundaries within which children receive priority for a school place ahead of those living outside of it.

For Wimbledon Park, priority is given to some children within the APA and places at Wimbledon Park are allocated as follows:

  1. Looked after children or previously looked after children
  2. Where there are professionally supported medical reasons or exceptional social reasons why a child should attend a particular school
  3. Children of permanent teaching staff
  4. Where a sibling is already in the main school at the time of admission
  5. Children living inside the admissions priority area in order of nearness of home to the school by straight line distance.
  6. Children living outside of the admissions priority area admissions priority area in order of nearness of home to the school by straight line distance


Map of the Wimbledon Park priority area

Roads included in the Wimbledon Park priority Area

  • Acuba Road (1-8 only)
  • Alba Mews
  • Alverstone Avenue
  • Arthur Road: (Odd 143 – 211, Even 120 – 176)
  • Ashen Grove
  • Braemar Avenue
  • Brooklands Avenue
  • Crescent Gardens
  • Dawlish Avenue
  • Durnsford Avenue
  • Durnsford Road (Even Windsor Court (120) – 450, Odd 307 – 421)
  • Farquhar Road
  • Gordondale Road
  • Gresham Way
  • Haslemere Avenue
  • Havana Road
  • Lucien Road
  • Melrose Avenue
  • Mount Road
  • Normanton Avenue
  • Pitt Crescent
  • Railway Cottages
  • Ravensbury Road
  • Ravensbury Terrace (5 onwards)
  • Revelstoke Road
  • Ryfold Road
  • Strathmore Road
  • Stroud Road
  • Stuart Road
  • The Crescent
  • Wellington Road
  • Wolesley Avenue

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