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Having difficulty paying your Council Tax? Please contact us and we will help if we can.

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Your council tax bill is issued in April each year. It is split into ten monthly payments (instalments), payable from April to January, unless you have chosen to pay in twelve instalments, or to pay in full in April. Your payment must reach us on or before the first day of each month.

If you get a bill part way through the year, you will be required to pay your bill in fewer instalments. The number of instalments will depend on when your bill is sent to you.

If you would like to pay in twelve monthly instalments instead of ten, please call us on 020 8274 4904.


If you pay late or you don't pay the instalments on your bill, we will cancel your instalment arrangement. We will then start recovery action against you through the magistrates' court, and you will be called on to pay the full balance that you owe.



Our automated telephone service is normally available 24hours a day.

Call 0300 4560504 to pay by credit or debit card.

Your payment will be authorised and a receipt number given whilst you are on the phone.

Director of Corporate Services
Merton Civic Centre
London Road


Internet banking, telephone banking and BACS

You will need the following information:

  • bank account name: LBM Head Office Account (council tax)
  • sort code: 30-00-00
  • bank account number: 05390753
  • your council tax account number: (this is on your council tax bill, it is an eight digit number that starts with a '7')


Post Office

You will need to take your council tax bill with you because it contains a bar code on the first page which is used for payment.

You can pay by cash, cheque or debit card - cheques should be made payable to 'Post Office Counters'. There will be no charge for the payment. It can take up to seven working days for a payment made at a post office to reach the council. You will need to allow enough time for your payment to reach us on or before the date your payment is due.


PayPoint shops

Pay by cash only. You will need to take your council tax bill with you because it contains a bar code on the first page which is used for payment.

Find your nearest PayPoint agent (PayPoint website)

Contact us

We are not able to receive visitors in person at the Civic Centre.

Account or billing enquiry: 020 8274 4904 (9am to 5pm)
Summons enquiry: 020 8274 4905 or 8545 3468 (9am to 5pm)


Local Taxation Section
London Borough of Merton
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