If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from Merton Council, or receive a message which appears to come from the council, be on your guard in case it's a scam.

Scammers sometimes pose as Merton Council or its staff, aiming to get your credit card or bank details, personal information, or to trick you into paying them money.

The scammer may:

  • say you are due a refund, and ask for your bank details
  • say you owe the council money, and ask you to make a payment
  • say your home is in the wrong Council Tax band, and ask for payment to change the band.

Our staff will never phone you to ask you to provide your bank or card details. We will always write if we need to check any of these details.

You can challenge your Council Tax band for free.

If you receive a call or visit like this please do not give the caller your details.

Who to contact

You can contact us to check if the contact is genuine or not.

You can also visit the Citizens Advice scams web page or report a scam to Action Fraud.

Contact us

Phone: 020 8274 4904 (Monday to Friday, 10:30am to 5pm)
Email: local.taxation@merton.gov.uk

Local Taxation Section
London Borough of Merton 
PO Box No 559