The council's corporate identity is changing

We are changing how we look

From 30 November 2023, the phased introduction of a new visual identity (brand) for Merton Council will begin.

The visual identity is made up of many elements including: the council logo, colour palette, typography, icons, illustration, photography and imagery, videography, and graphics.

The most visible part of this change is Merton’s new logo, which appears in several variations.

The new logo and overall brand have kept the historical green and purple colours. These have been refreshed with deeper and more resonant shades, which reproduce better.

There are different versions, which you can see below. We will also use these in black and white.

Merton logo
Merton logo stacked
Merton logo single line version

What does this mean for residents?

Residents do not need to do anything, and this will not impact any of the ways you interact with the council.

When the change begins, letters, bills, or other communications you receive from the council may look different.

If you wish to check whether something you see or receive is genuine London Borough of Merton communications, you can check by calling the council on 020 8274 4901 during office hours.

To help make sure all residents understand the changes to our brand, we have produced an easy-read leaflet.

Easy-read leaflet: We are changing how we look

Why are we making this change?

Our brand helps us promote our services locally and helps to raise Merton’s profile regionally and nationally.

It is central to our work around:

Fulfilling our ambitions for our places and communities, we need to modernise both as an organisation, and in the ways we present ourselves to residents, visitors, and the world.

The current identity is 30 years old and was created in a pre-digital age. It’s become outdated and tired and needs to be replaced with a brand identity that is simple and easily adaptable across an ever growing range of digital channels.

Bringing more talented professionals to the borough: We want even more people to choose Merton as a place to live and work. To recruit the very best talent to our borough, we must present a more modern and professional face outside of Merton. A new corporate identity will aid recruitment for both the council and our local businesses.

Putting Merton on the map and attracting investment: Merton is London’s best kept secret, but it has a huge amount to offer the city and beyond. A new identity will help increase awareness that Merton is a London Borough - sending a clear message that we are open and ready to do business.

The cost of these changes

The new corporate identity has been created within existing budgets, to ensure there is no additional cost to the people of Merton. The design work was undertaken by another local authority with a specialism in branding. We estimate that this is around 25% of the cost of using a commercial supplier.

The roll-out will be managed in cost-conscious, phased approach, which will start at the end of November 2023.

We will update materials over time, as and when they require replacing. This means, for the next few years, the old branding will sit side by side with the new brand around the borough.

  • Phase one - December 2023: Limited to our digital channels and assets. Where the new brand can be applied without any additional expenditure, it will be carried out in this phase.
  • Phase two – 2024 onwards: Focused on physical assets, such as street furniture, signage and vehicles. This phase will be managed to ensure only items due for replacement as part of their usual life cycle– ensuring no additional cost to the council.