Changes due to coronavirus

In accordance with section 78 of the Coronavirus Act 2020, all council committee meetings will be taking place virtually until further notice. These remain public meetings and therefore below you can find some further guidance on how you can continue to access and participate in these meetings.

All agendas and minutes for virtual meetings will be published in the same way as previously and the list of upcoming meetings can be found on the Corporate Calendar.

Meetings will be streamed to the Council's Youtube channel. The recordings can also be viewed at any time following the meeting if you are unable to watch live.

Speaking at meetings

If you are registered to speak at a meeting, you will be provided with the meeting details to enable you to login to participate in the meeting. You will be able to speak on your item only and you are able to leave the meeting once you have spoken. All participants' microphones will be muted when they are not speaking to minimise background noise. Guidelines on how to join a meeting will be sent to participants prior to the meeting.

Full council meetings

Residents and business rate payers are invited to put forward questions at full council meetings.

  • Speaking arrangements for the next full council meeting will be published here nearer the time.
  • Your question should be no longer than 50 words and must relate to something the council has responsibility for, or that affects the borough.
  • Your question will not be accepted if it is substantially the same as a question which has been put to a meeting of council in the past six months.
  • You must provide your name and address when submitting your question.
  • The full rules on asking a question at council are set out in the council's constitution (Part 4A, section 11).
  • These questions will be reproduced, along with the answers, in the published agenda. If, having seen the written answer to your question, you wish to ask a supplementary question, you may do this by sending it in to Democratic Services. A written response will be sent within 10 working days.
  • There will be no discussion of these questions or answers in the meeting.

Planning applications committee

Requests to speak at Planning applications committee must be made to the Development Control section by midday on the day before the meeting.

Please email or phone 020 8545 3445 or 020 8545 3448.

Speaking times

Speaking time limits and number of speakers per item for Planning Applications Committee will remain unchanged. Your statement should therefore be written to be read out within these time limits (3 minutes per speaker).

Agenda item order

Planning items will be taken in the order decided by the Chair and announced at the start of the meeting. We are unable to give you an exact time at which your item will be heard.

Licensing sub-committee meetings

You are only able to speak at a Licensing sub-committee if you are a registered party to the hearing. For further information please contact 020 8545 3357.

Current list of licence applications

Speaking at all other meetings

The procedures for speaking will remain the same as previously – please contact the Democratic Services Team if you wish to speak at another meeting not listed above by emailing or telephoning 020 8545 3616/3357.

Technical issues

If you experience any technical issues prior to or during the meeting you can contact a member of the Democratic Services Team on the number given on the front page of the agenda.

Meeting etiquette

Information on meeting etiquette will be sent to participants prior to attending a meeting. For any further queries regarding virtual meetings please email us at or telephone: 020 8545 3616/3357.