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Smoke-free premises: requirements for businesses

Employers, managers and those in charge of smoke-free premises are required to:

  • Display “no smoking” signs to the minimum required by legislation
  • To ensure that no one smokes in smoke free premises.

No smoking signs

The prescribed no-smoking signs are to be displayed at each entrance used by people. Signage must be in a prominent position and meet the following requirements:

  • A5 in area (210mm x 148mm) and display the international non-smoking symbol at least 70mm in diameter.
  • The signage must carry the following words that can be easily read "No Smoking. It is against the law to smoke in these premises." in easy to read characters
  • Substitute words can be used for “these premises” as long as they refer to your particular premises, e.g. “this hotel”
  • A sign with only a no-smoking symbol (70mm) may be displayed as long as one A5 sign is displayed as above and they may be displayed in the following areas:
    • a) at staff entrances
    • b) at the entrance to smoke free premises within a smoke free premises, for example a bar within a train station or shop within a shopping centre.
  • Smokefree vehicles will need to display a no-smoking sign in each compartment of the vehicle in which people can be carried. This must show the international no-smoking symbol at least 70mm in diameter.

Adopting a smoke free policy

To provide staff with simple and clear information on the new law it is advised that businesses adopt a smoke free policy. This policy should:

  • Be concise and simple to understand
  • Explain the reasons for the policy
  • Acknowledge the right of employees to work in a smokefree environment
  • Make reference to the relevant smokefree legislation
  • States that the policy applies to workers at all levels as well as to visitors and customers
  • Identify where smoking is / is not permitted
  • Are concise and simple to understand
  • Identify the members of management and staff who have responsibility for the implementation of the policy
  • State how the organisation will deal with non-compliance
  • Provide information on how to obtain help to quit smoking
  • Include a consultation with members of staff
  • Are communicated to all members of staff (including new employees before they start work).

You will need to decide how to deal with non-compliance with your smokefree policy and how the policy fits within your existing health and safety as well as discipline policies.

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