Bonfires are unnecessary. They can affect neighbours as well as contributing to poor air quality. Although there are no direct byelaws covering bonfires in the borough, if a bonfire is considered to be a nuisance we can take formal action.

We strongly encourage you not to have bonfires because they can also affect people with breathing difficulties. Instead of burning your waste please take it to our Reuse and Recycling Centre in Morden, compost garden waste at home, use our garden waste collection service, or our bulky waste collection service.

Report a smoke nuisance

If smoke from a bonfire is causing a danger to traffic please contact the police.

If you feel that the bonfire is a danger to people and property you should contact the fire brigade.

Otherwise, please report it to us:

Report it


Commercial waste

Commercial waste must not be disposed of by burning.

Contractors carrying out work at your property must not burn waste and you must ensure that they arrange for proper disposal of waste from your property