We are proposing to install alley gates on the Public Right of Way (PROW) No.148, between Rialto Road and Priestley Road, Mitcham. If we are to do this we would need to make a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO). Please tell us what you think about this proposal by Noon Thursday 14 December 2023.


Ever since the construction of the estate of houses built on the former Mitcham Stadium in the mid-1950s, there has been concern about the potential for anti-social behaviour (ASB) on PROW148. The original developer stated their fears that the footpath would become a ‘source of public nuisance’ and ‘unnecessary public expense’. 

There is now a documented and significant problem with fly-tipping and ASB, which has been ongoing for several years. We are the owner of the majority of the land in question. This, and the PROW status, means the council is responsible for its maintenance. On occasion in the past we have cleared the alley of large amounts of fly-tipped material and other rubbish. 

This was most recently done in March 2022 when we cleared 51 tonnes of waste at a cost of £24,000. Several further site visits have shown clear evidence of recurring fly-tipping and ASB. This is a problem residents are acutely aware of and over the years have engaged with councillors and reported to the police about the various ASB the alley attracts. 


We have explored options for addressing the ongoing problem and have decided that the most appropriate course of action is to make a PSPO restricting access. The council is authorised to make a PSPO and install alley-gates under sections 59 and 64 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 (the Act).

The proposal would encompass the alleys connecting Eastfields Road, Sandy Lane and Priestley Road, which include PROW148, to enable us to legally install lockable alley-gates. The footpath between Nos. 57-59 Eastfields Road has not been included as this appears to be a well-used pedestrian route into Priestley Road.

As with a standard alley-gate scheme, residents and businesses would maintain their right of access and would be able to apply to us for a key. The PSPO would remain in effect for three years, but would have a review every year, and may be extended after the three-year period. We would retain ownership and responsibility for maintenance, and would also administer the provision of keys.

View the draft PSPO


We undertook a ‘soft’ consultation with residents in the summer of 2022. This showed strong support for the proposals, with 22 responses in favour and none against. Following this, we started the two-stage formal consultation process required by the Act. Firstly, this consists of a ‘Prior Consultation’ stage. This was undertaken in summer 2023 and included a draft PSPO Order. This resulted in a further 5 responses in support of the proposal and none against.

We are now engaging in the final Consultation stage and this webpage forms a part of the process. This consultation runs from noon Thursday 9 November 2023 to Noon Thursday 14 December 2023.

If you have any comments or representations you wish to make as part of this consultation, please do so within the dates stated above, either in writing or by e-mail, to:

Paul Garrett
Urban Designer
Merton Council
Civic Centre
London Road