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How we use CCTV

We use CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) to monitor the borough in order to detect and prevent crime as well as to make sure that the public feels safe. We have over 200 cameras in the borough with the majority located in the town centres.

We operate the service from a secure control room 24/7 and have direct voice and picture links to Wimbledon Police station and the radio contact with

  • Police officers on street
  • Wimbledon town link radio users (around 40 shops and pubs in Wimbledon)
  • You can find out about how we manage the service in our CCTV strategy and code of practice.
  • To contact us about CCTV, email

Request CCTV footage

Under the GDPR rules and Data Protection Act you can ask whether we have CCTV images of you and request copies. We can only provide images if you:

  • complete the CCTV data request form  and
  • provide two copies of the proof of identity documents listed on the form

Unfortunately, we're not able to provide recorded images which we hold for:

  • the prevention or detection of crime; or
  • for the arrest or the charge of offenders which could prejudice a criminal case
  • If the images identify other people, we may not be able to release the requested video.

If you think we have CCTV footage of an incident, such as a road traffic accident, you can ask your insurer to request footage from us. There is a £100 search fee and £150 fee for the video to be released to the insurance company. There is also a charge of £250 per day for our representative to attend court as a witness.