How we use CCTV

We use CCTV (closed circuit television) to prevent, detect and reduce the fear of crime and enforce traffic regulations. We have over 200 permanent cameras in the borough.

We operate the service from a secure control room 24/7 and have direct voice and picture links to Merton police control room and radio contact with:

  • police officers on the street
  • neighbourhood wardens; and
  • around 70 town centre shops who are members of Retail Radio Link

You can find out about how we manage the service in our CCTV strategy and code of practice.​

To contact us about CCTV, telephone 020 8545 3843 or email


Request CCTV footage

Under the Data Protection Act you can ask whether we have CCTV images of you and request copies. We can only provide images if you:

  • complete the CCTV data request form  and
  • provide two copies of the proof of identity documents listed on the form

Unfortunately, we’re not able to provide recorded images which we hold for:

  • the prevention or detection of crime; or
  • for the arrest or the charge of offenders which could prejudice a criminal case

If the images identify other people, you will need to get their permission before you apply. If this isn’t possible, we may be able to disguise or blur their image.

If you think we have CCTV footage of an incident, such as a road traffic accident or damage to your property, you can ask your insurer, solicitor or the police to request footage from us.


Retail Radio Link

Retail Radio Link is a private radio communications network for local shops and businesses in Wimbledon, Mitcham and Morden town centres. It’s linked to our CCTV control room and the police and enables members to share information about:

  • shoplifting, break-ins and criminal damage
  • harassment, threats or assaults on staff

How Retail Radio Link can help

The potential benefits of Retail Radio Link are improved:

  • staff confidence and customer safety
  • communication with the police and the CCTV control room
  • knowledge of criminals

Join Retail Radio Link

You only need four or five members to start a Retail Radio Link network. Each of you just needs a radio, leather case, spare battery and battery charger. The kit can either be rented or bought outright.

If you have any questions about CCTV or would like to join Retail Radio Link or get details of how much it costs, phone 020 8545 3843 or email