Speed limits are introduced to ensure greater road safety

Request a change to a speed limit​

This service will be unavailable on Sunday 26 May from 8pm until midnight, due to planned maintenance work.

Before deciding to lower, raise or extend an existing speed limit we must consider all the relevant factors such as:

  • expected accident savings
  • improvement to the environment
  • improvement in amenities​
  • reduction in public anxiety
  • improved facilities for vulnerable road users
  • delays to traffic
  • costs of implementation
  • costs of engineering measures and their maintenance
  • costs of enforcement, especially where the speed limit is regarded as unreasonable by drivers
​​If it is considered that a change in the speed limit is warranted then a new Speed Limit Order has to be made. This involves a statutory legal process that takes approximately 9 months. If a road has street lighting on it with no speed limit repeater signs, the road is already subject to a 30mph limit, and we are not permitted to place 30mph repeater signs on it.