We grit roads and pavements around town centres, schools, train stations and local shops, as well as clearing ice and snow. We have a winter maintenance duty officer on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to make decisions on gritting activity based on Met Office forecasts.

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On 30 October 2016 we had 2,360 tonnes of salt in our barn.

Our road maintenance team consists of five drivers, 30 street sweeping staff and a mechanic.

We take action, where we can, to keep delays to a minimum.

Gritting and salting routes

We usually salt roads during late evening or early morning, depending on when icy conditions are predicted to occur.

Map of priority salting network and additional roads

Priority routes

We salt these routes before the temperature drops below zero, to reduce the risk of ice forming. This is called precautionary salting.

Priority routes include:

  • all classified roads
  • bus routes
  • roads leading to fire stations and hospitals
  • other hazardous locations

We aim to complete all precautionary salting of the priority network within three hours of commencing.

Additional roads and locations

When snow or widespread ice is forecast, additional roads will be salted to make sure access to schools, residential care and other facilities is maintained.

In the event of heavy snowfall, additional locations, requested by residents, will be added to a list and we will attempt to treat these in priority order after our main network of roads have been treated.


Selected busy pavements are pre-salted when widespread ice or snow is forecast. Salting of other pavements will be carried out on a priority basis should snow accumulate.

Map of precautionary footway gritting network

Repeat salting

In the event of snow settling, salt may not melt all the snow. If this occurs we will repeat the salting of priority and additional roads.

Guidance on clearing snow and ice yourself

Clear snow from a road, path or cycleway (GOV.UK website)