A resident parking permit allows you to park your vehicle in designated bays in the controlled parking zone (CPZ) where you live.

Resident parking permits are normally valid in one vehicle only. If you frequently change your vehicle, have a Blue Badge or are housebound, you can apply for a resident address permit.

Anybody who lives in a CPZ can apply for a resident parking permit, unless they live in a property that has been designated as a "car-free" development.

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The quickest and easiest way to apply for a permit is to use our self-service website:

Apply for a parking permit online

Once you have completed the online application you will need to upload proof of residency and proof that you own (or are permitted to use) the vehicle.  See accepted proof documents for permits for a list of documents we will accept. Please quote your application number in all correspondence.

Alternatively, if you require a resident parking permit application please contact us 0208 545 4661 (option 2)

We aim to process new applications within 2 working days of receipt of a correctly completed application.



The initial application cost includes a set-up fee of £25.00. This does not apply to permit renewals.

Resident address permits cost the same as resident parking permits.
If you have a Blue Badge or are housebound you are entitled to a free resident address permit.

PermitInitial application
cost for one year
cost for one year
Initial application
cost for 6 months
cost for 6 months
First residents permit£90.00£65.00£57.50£32.50
Second residents permit£135.00£110.00£80.00£55.00
Third residents permit£165.00£140.00£95.00£70.00

If your vehicle is a diesel engine vehicle, in addition to the permit cost, you will also need to pay a diesel surcharge. The cost of the diesel surcharge is as follows:

​Dates1 Year6 Months
1st April 2017 - 31st March 2018£90.00£45.00
1st April 2018 - 31st March 2019£115.00£57.50
1st April 2019 - 31st March 2020£150.00£75.00

This means if you have the second permit in the house, and your vehicle is a diesel vehicle, the cost to renew your permit this year will be £110 plus £90 diesel surcharge, a total of £200.

Permit prices are calculated automatically by the system as you complete your application details.

Residents who have vehicles that are 100% electrically powered will benefit from a £40 reduction in the cost of a residents permit.

Initial ApplicationRenewal
Electric Residents permit£50.00£25.00

These permits can only be purchased for 12 months and are non refundable.


Resident address permits

If you are constantly changing the vehicle that you drive, for example if you have access to a pool of company vehicles, you can apply for a resident address permit. These are the same as regular resident parking permits except that they are not specific to one vehicle.

If you have a Blue Badge or are housebound you are entitled to a free resident address permit.

If the vehicle you use is constantly changing, you must provide a letter on company headed paper confirming this (proof of continuous change of vehicle).

If the permit is needed for visiting care staff, you will need to provide "proof of visitors".
The permit will only be valid in the vehicle it is displayed in. If our enforcement officers do not see the permit you are likely to receive a penalty charge notice (PCN).

We will not issue more than one of these permits to a household and if you lose your permit we will not issue a replacement - you must purchase a new permit at full price.

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