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New teachers’ permits and trades’ permits for CPZs

Update - Delegated Report and Cabinet Member Decision - 30 May 2012

Following the borough-wide formal consultation carried out between 23 February and 16 March 2012 on the proposals to introduce new permits for teachers working within a specific CPZ, representations received along with officers' comments were submitted in a report to the Cabinet Member. The Council's decision is to make the relevant Traffic Management Order and to introduce the Teachers Permit Scheme.

This would be subject to a number of criteria and consideration. For details please see the report below.

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Update - Statutory Consultation - 23 February 2012

Merton is undertaking a Statutory consultation to introduce teachers' permits and trades' permits throughout the borough. The closing date for this consultation is 16 March 2012.

Teachers' permit

This permit will be available to enable teachers to park in permit holder bays (except residents-only bays) and shared-use bays in the zone where the school is situated. The head teacher of a school within a controlled parking zone which has either a current approved School Travel Plan or current approved Green Travel Plan, or both may apply for teacher permits; this is in addition to the required criteria as shown below. The cost of permits shall be £188 per year for teachers in a state primary school, secondary school or special school and £221 per six months for teachers in independent (private) schools. This cost is subject to change. Permits will be issued and withdrawn at Council’s discretion.

Teachers' permit criteria:

  1. Permit is zone specific. Only a school within a zone will be entitled to a permit for that specific zone.
  2. Permit will only be issued after the spare parking capacity has been assessed.
  3. All permit applications must be made by the Head Teacher rather than individual teachers.
  4. The number of School permits to be issued would be strictly limited if the uptake of residents’ permits is in excess of 75%; spare capacity is less than 25% and in cases where the numbers of permits outweigh the number of available spaces.
  5. Permits will be issued only to those schools with an up to date School Travel Plan and/or Green Travel plan.
  6. Renewal of permits would depend on the above criteria being met.
  7. The Council reserves the right to remove or reduce the number of permits pending on changes on parking capacity; any fraudulent act or abuse.

Trades' permit

This permit will be available to any tradesperson who needs to operate in any zone in the borough. The permit will allow for traders to park in permit holder (except residents-only bays) and shared-use bays in any zone in the borough, with the exception of residents-only bays.

Cost of trade permit:

  • £900 for 12 months
  • £600 for 6 months
  • £375 for 3 months
  • £150 for 1 month
  • £50 per week

What happens next

A Notice of the Council’s intentions to introduce the above measures will be published in a local newspaper , The Guardian and London Gazette. Representations for and against the proposals described in this Notice must be made in writing to the Head of Street Scene and Waste Management Division, Merton Civic Centre, London Road, Morden, Surrey, SM4 5DX or email by no later than 16 March 2012 quoting reference ES/SGE/NEWPERMIT. Objections must relate only to the elements of the scheme that are subject to this statutory consultation.

All representations along with Officers’ comments and recommendations will be presented in a report to the Street Management Advisory Committee and/or the Cabinet Member for Environmental Sustainability and regeneration. Please note that responses to any representations received will not be made until a final decision is made by the Cabinet Member.

The Council is required to give weight to the nature and content of your representations and not necessarily the quantity. Your reasons are, therefore, important to us.

A copy of the proposed TMO and the Council’s Statement of Reasons can be inspected at the Merton Link, Merton Civic Centre, London Road, Morden, Surrey, SM4 5DX during the Council’s normal office hours Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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Cabinet Member Decision - 6 December 2011

It has been agreed to undertake a statutory consultation to introduce two new types of permits within Controlled Parking Zones. The date for consultation is to be determined.

The first permit is a Teacher’s Permit, which will allow teachers to obtain annual permits to park on-street within the Controlled Parking Zone within which the school is located. This would be subject to a number of criteria and consideration. For details please see reports below.

The second permit is a Trades Permit, which will allow certain businesses who for work purposes would need to park on-street within the controlled parking zone.

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