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Graveney – review of CPZ GC

Informal Consultation - 14 November 2013

The last extension of Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) GC was implemented in April 2013 following extensive consultation with residents and businesses in the Graveney Area. The Council agreed that a review would be carried out to determine the success of CPZ GC, six months after its introduction.

The key objective of the review is to identify possible alterations to improve road safety and the operation of the parking controls to benefit residents and businesses. This could involve alterations to the existing yellow line waiting restrictions; changes to the CPZ hours of operation (currently Monday to Friday, 8.30am-6.30pm); changes to zone boundary; changes to the use of certain parking bays and provide additional bays where suitable. The review will also ensure that all the restrictions comply with the Department for Transport’s (DfT) Regulations. This means that all designated on-street parking bays and yellow lines must be clearly and correctly marked and signed.

This review also provides the opportunity for the zone to be sub-divided into two or more separate zones. Smaller zones can be considered for instance if there are clear areas opting for varying hours of operation.

Optional changes

The following optional changes will be considered where there is majority support to change the operational times:

Part Day Controls (10am-4pm)

These operating times offer less restrictions on residents and their visitors than the current ‘8.30am-6.30pm’ controls. It is still effective in preventing commuters and other long stay parking. However, it may encourage short term parking outside the operating times by non residents or businesses. Residents returning from work later in the afternoon may find less available parking. Motorists unable to park in nearby zones with longer operating times may also take advantage of the available parking outside the controlled times. The standard annual parking permit charges will still apply regardless of the hours the zone operates.

One-hour control (11am-12 noon)

This minimum restriction will offer more flexibility for residents and their visitors than the part day controls, reducing the amount of visitors’ permits they would normally obtain. This option is still effective in restricting long term commuters and other long stay parking. However, it may encourage other short-term parking by non-residents or businesses.

Non-residents may also work their way around the one-hour by moving their vehicles and then returning to park for the rest of the day. Full enforcement of an entire zone within a one-hour period will put extra pressure on Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO), making the parking controls less effective. The standard annual parking permit charges will still apply regardless of the hours the zone operates.

Days of operation

Extending the existing restrictions from Monday to Friday, to include Saturday / and Sunday will offer more protection for residents over the weekends; however it will offers less flexibility for residents’ visitors during weekends. The standard annual parking permit charges will still apply regardless of the days the zone operates.

In the absence of feedback since the implementation of the controls regarding the nature of the parking bays currently in use, officers are not recommending any changes at this time. However, changes will be considered pending the feedback received from this review exercise.

Let us know your views

The decision on whether or not to proceed with the next step, which would involve a statutory consultation on the proposals, will be subject to responses received during this consultation.

Please complete and submit the online questionnaire, with any comments or suggestions you may have by 6 December 2013.

We regret that due to the number of responses received during an informal consultation of this size, it will not be possible to individually reply to each respondent. We welcome your comments, which will be noted and included within the proposed measures where appropriate.

Exhibition invitation

A public exhibition about the proposals was held on Saturday, 23 November 2013 from 11.30am-13.30pm at:

Links Primary School
Frinton Road
SW17 9EH

What happens next

It is envisaged that the results of the consultation along with officers’ recommendations will be reported to the Street Management Advisory Committee before a decision is made by the Cabinet Member for Planning and Traffic Management. Once a decision is made you will be informed accordingly.

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