Encouraging more people to cycle is an important part of our transport strategy to tackle traffic congestion, improve air quality and promote physical activity.

To enable cycling it is important that secure and convenient cycle parking facilities are provided at homes, schools, stations, workplaces and other destinations.

Cycle stands

We provide public cycle stands for short term use at locations around the borough particularly near shopping and leisure facilities, stations and other destinations. You can suggest locations for additional cycle stands by contacting us Traffic.AndHighways@merton.gov.uk.

Cycle hangars

Many homes in Merton do not have adequate space to accommodate secure cycle parking facilities and this can act as a significant barrier to cycling. To support cycling we will install communal secure cycle parking facilities on residential streets.

The secure units - also known as bike hangars - are designed to protect the cycles from vandalism, theft and the weather and have self-lifting doors and are easy to open. Each one can store 6 bicycles but occupies less than one car parking space.

In March 2021, we installed 20 cycle hangars on street at locations around Merton. The cycle units are managed and maintained by a specialist cycle parking solutions company FALCO.

The locations and availability of spaces can be viewed on FALCO's website where residents can also apply for an available space or register on the waiting list.

Falco requires the payment of a refundable key deposit of £35 for each space. A small annual rental charge is also required to meet the cost of maintaining the unit (approximately £30). The current annual charges for each unit can be viewed on FALCO's website .

Cycle hangar security

The hangars are intended to provide a more secure alternative to storing bikes on the street for residents that don't have access to private storage facilities. However, the risk of theft cannot be completely eliminated. It is therefore strongly recommended that you lock your bike securely inside the hangar at several points using robust locks.

Neither Merton Council or Falco will be responsible for the damage or theft of your bicycle or other items stored in the hangar, so it is recommended that you register your bicycle and obtain adequate insurance cover for your needs. Most household insurance policies will not cover bikes stored in a hangar, but there are specialist insurance policies available that will cover this.

Suggest a new hangar location

We will aim to install additional cycle hangars to meet demand. If you would like to request a location near to you please email Traffic.AndHighways@merton.gov.uk and provide your address or suggested location. Due to the large volume of requests, we will not provide individual responses. However all requests will be added to a rolling list for consideration when planning new locations.

New locations will identified based on the level of likely demand in an area and whether there is a suitable position for the hangar. There will then be a consultation process on the proposed locations to give an opportunity for feedback. New hangars will normally be installed in one batch per year, so please be aware that it may take some time between your request and any installation. Updates and consultations on any new proposed locations will be provided on this webpage.

Cycle storage on estates

We can only provide cycle parking facilities on the public highway. If you live on a housing estate that is operated by a Housing Association or Property Management Agency and require cycle storage within the estate communal areas, please contact them directly to request this. If they require advice on cycle storage options and any grants that may be available, they can email Traffic.AndHighways@merton.gov.uk.