We can collect recycling, food waste and general waste from schools in the borough. This is a competitively priced, chargeable service.

We can set up a bespoke waste collection service that suits your specific requirements.


Services we offer

General waste for landfill

  • Outside wheeled bins (various sizes available)


  • We collect mixed recyclables: paper, card, cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, and cartons
  • Outside wheeled bins (various sizes available)

Food waste

  • Small food caddies for classrooms and staff rooms (7 litre)
  • Large food caddies for kitchens and dinner halls (23 litre)
  • Outside wheeled bins (240 litre)



The price you pay will depend on the number and size of waste bins you need, and on the frequency of your collections.

Waste collections

Bin size Weekly bin hire charge per bin Collection charge per bin
120 litre£1.85£9.00
240 litre£1.85£9.50
360 litre£1.85£12.00
660 litre£3.15£14.50
1100 litre£3.70£16.60

Recycling collections

Bin size Weekly bin hire charge per bin Collection charge per bin
240 litreFree of charge£3.45
360 litreFree of charge£3.75
660 litreFree of charge£4.35
1100 litreFree of charge£5.90

Food waste collections

This service is free of charge for schools that purchase our general waste collection service. Other schools will have to pay a charge for this service.

Collection charges for food waste are under review and may become chargeable in future.

Invoicing and VAT

Charges are invoiced quarterly.

We do not charge VAT on the refuse collection services provided to schools, but if a collection is made under a subcontract from another waste provider then we will charge VAT on the service received.

Sign up for this service

Telephone: 020 8274 4902

Email: environmental.development@merton.gov.uk