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Join the self-build and custom housebuilding register

​We keep a register of people who are interested in self-build or custom build projects in Merton. Between April 2016 and September 2017, 201 individuals and 2 organisations joined the register.

By signing up, you will help us find out more about the demand for custom and self-build plots in Merton, where people would like their plot to be and the type of house that they would like to build.

We will use the information to explore ways in which it might be possible to bring together people or organisations on the register and landowners who have potential sites for sale or rent for self build or custom housebuilding. Registration does not however guarantee that a suitable plot will be identified, or become available.

If you would like to register your interest for a custom or self-build plot, please complete the form below: and send it to the address at the bottom of this page

What is self build and custom housebuilding?

Here are some examples of self build and custom housebuilding projects

  • Self-build one-off home : you manage the design and construction process and are physically involved in part or all of the construction of your home;
  • Contractor-built one-off home : you manage the design process and appoint a contractor to build the home to your specification;
  • Kit home : you select your preferred kit home and possibly establish the foundations. The kit home company then erects the home;
  • Independent community collaboration : you work with others to acquire a site to split into plots then organise the design and construction of your own home;
  • Supported community self-build group : a social landlord or the Community Self Build Agency helps you build a group of homes together;
  • Community self-build : being physically involved in part of all the construction of your home, as part of a wider scheme on the site; and
  • Custom-build home : where a house builder offers a serviced building plot and may also provide a design and build service to create the home you want.

Investing in building your own home

Most self-build projects involve the commitment of a large number of hours over a long period of time. You are also likely to require access to finance (such as a mortgage or savings) to fund all or part of the project. Project costs will include the price of the site, the costs of designing the home, seeking planning permission and building the home. However some of the options above mean that you will be able to share the time and costs with others.

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