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Acacia Adventure Playground

Acacia Centre, 230 Grove Road, Mitcham CR4 1SD
For all children and young people aged 8-16. Play workers are on site at all times when the playground is open. Facilities include a giant climbing frame, fire pit, trampoline, treehouses, a giant swing, wigwams and a spinner.
Acacia Adventure Playground

Armfield Crescent

Armfield Crescent, Mitcham, CR4
This site has equipment for toddlers through to teens, including flat and cradle seat swings, large and small multiple activity units rotating items and spring mobiles. There is also an all weather kickabout area adjacent to the play area.
Nearest Transport Links:  Bus - 127, 152, 201, 264, 270, 280, 355

Brenley Park

A small playground aimed at the younger age group, including a multiplay unit, slide and swings.

Canons Recreation Ground

Madeira Road, Mitcham, CR4 4HD
Situated next to the Canons Leisure Centre, this site offers a wide range of toddler and junior equipment, and trailblazer activities.
Nearest Transport Links:  Bus - 118, 127, 200, 264, S1

Colliers Wood Recreation Ground

South Gardens, Colliers Wood, SW19 2NT
In this play area there are swings, springers, a multi activity unit, a seesaw and trailblazer. There is a paddling pool with a friendly crocodile in the middle and a multi-sport court.
Nearest Transport Links:  Bus - 57, 152, 200, 219, 493,  Tube - Colliers Wood

Donnelly Green

South Lodge Avenue, Mitcham, CR4 1LT
This play area has a junior area with swings, a roundabout, a small and a large multi-activity unit.  There is also a large toddler area with springers and spinners, swings and a multi-activity unit.
Nearest Transport Links:  Bus - 152

Edenvale Open Space

Woodland Way, Mitcham, CR4 2DZ
This site has lots of accessible equipment. There is a wheelchair accessible roundabout and multi-activity unit, a basket swing, balance and agility frames, flat and cradle seat swings all set in coloured rubber wet pour safety surfacing. There is a single goal end and basketball post set in the grass area adjacent to the play area.
Nearest Transport Links:  Bus - 127, 201

Lavender Park

Steers Mead, Mitcham, CR4 3SE
This well equipped site has a toddler play area with swings, roundabout and two multi-activity units and spring items.
A junior play area has a range of exciting balance and agility equipment, a rotating seesaw, a large central multi-activity unit, basket and flat seat swings all set in a rubber wet pour safety surfacing providing good access for all.
Adjacent to the junior play area is a state of the art, 3G 5-aside football area.
Nearest Transport Links: Bus - 152, 264, 270, 280, 355

Lewis Road Recreation Ground

Lewis Road, Mitcham, CR4
This large play area has two distinct areas for toddlers and juniors. This site also has a kickabout area and a paddling pool.
Nearest Transport Links: Bus - 152, 200

London Road Playing Fields

London Road, Mitcham, CR4
This play area has separate areas for toddlers and juniors and is set within a large open space.  It has swings, and a multi-activity unit with a slide.
Nearest Transport Links: Bus - 118, 201, 280

Long Bolstead Recreation Ground

Equipment now includes an embankment slide, climbing units, sunken trampoline, aerial runway and various other balancing and rotating equipment.
Woodstock Way, Mitcham, CR4
Nearest Transport Links:  Bus - 152

Miles Road Playing Fields

Miles Road, Mitcham, CR4 3DA
This play area is set within a green open space, consisting of a multi-activity unit, swings, seesaw and springers.
Nearest Transport Links: Bus - 152, 200, Tram - Phipps Bridge

Oakleigh Way Recreation Ground

Oakleigh Way, Mitcham, CR4
A large bark pit set within a grass area containing separate toddler and junior sections with a seesaw and large multi-activity unit and a smaller one for toddlers.
Nearest Transport Links:  Bus - 118

Pollards Hill Recreation Ground

Recreation Way, Mitcham CR4
There is a small toddler area on this site and there are plans to install more equipment over the next few years. A goal end and basket ball nets have been added to the open space with a shelter for teenagers.
Nearest Transport Links:  Bus - 118, 152

Ravensbury Park Play Area

Morden Road, Mitcham, CR4 4DE

Read about the Ravensbury Park Play Area opening ceremony in November 2008

The play area includes a slide, climbing boulders, swings, and a wheelchair accessible roundabout. There is also a stage where youngsters are able to give open air performances of their own plays to friends and family.

Nearest Transport Links:  Bus - 118,

Rock Terrace Recreation Ground / Charlwood Square

Phipps Bridge Road, Mitcham, CR4
There is a separate toddler and teenage area on this site.  In the toddler area there are springers, and a multi-activity unit with a slide.  This toddler area will be refurbished over the next year. The large teenage area consists of a skateboard ramp, a climbing wall, goal ends, an all weather kickabout area and lots of places to sit and relax with your friends.
Nearest Transport Links: Bus - 200,  Tram - Phipps Bridge Station

Rowan Park

A playground aimed at toddlers and juniors. It has a range of equipment including a multiplay unit, slide, rockers and a seesaw.
Nearest transport links: Bus 60, 118, 152, 463, N133

Rowan Road Recreation Ground

Rowan Road, Mitcham, SW16 5JF
This is a large play area that is well equipped for both toddlers and juniors. This area includes a paddling pool and kickabout area and basketball nets.
Nearest Transport Links:  Bus - 118

Sherwood Recreation Ground

Abbots Road, Mitcham, CR4 1JS
Set within a large grass area, this site consists of play equipment for toddlers and juniors, including climbing constructions with slide. There are tennis courts that are available outside of school hours.
Nearest Transport Links: Bus - 118

Stanford Road Play Area

Stanford Road, London, SW16
This play area has equipment for toddlers and juniors. There are swings, a slide a climbing unit and multi-activity unit with lots of pretty colourful shapes painted on the ground.
Nearest Transport Links:  Bus - K5

Tamworth Farm Recreation Ground

London Road, Mitcham, CR4 2JA
Situated next to Lavender Children's Centre, this has lots of play equipment for toddlers and juniors. There is a paddling pool and tennis courts.
Nearest Transport Links: Bus: 118, 264, 270, 280, Train - Tooting Junction