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​The London Borough of Merton is a Data Controller in line with Data Protection law, as we collect and process personal information about you in order to verify your status as a resident or business ratepayer in the Borough, in accordance with the requirements of Paragraph 11.5 of Part 4A of the Council's Constitution.

We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.  Your personal information (Contact details including your name, address and email address) will be kept for 6 months and then destroyed.

Your data will only be shared with the organisations necessary to deal with your enquiry, for instance different departments in the council, to enable your enquiry to be fully responded to. Your data will not be shared with other third parties.

Your data will be kept secure as will be processed using the council's secure IT and email systems.

Your data will be kept for 6 months and will then be securely destroyed.

You have the right to access your data and to rectify mistakes, erase, restrict, object or move your data in certain circumstances.

You can withdraw your consent to your personal data being processed, by informing me that you wish to withdraw your consent. If you would like to receive an explanation of your rights in paper format please contact the Data Protection Officer at data.protection@merton.gov.uk

For further details please see the Council's full Privacy Notice.